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Bloody Hell Malla late again!! I Sent you to Spennymoor, how the fuck did you end up in Berlin??! Do i need to put trackers in your vans or get Fiona to direct you? Or drive you bloody there myself? I would prefer they travel by donkey and pay for the hay themselves! My leader Donkeys.... Donkeys have been banned by Carillions Health and Safety Department since 1939. They smell too much. ****I SHOULD OF WENT TO SPECSAVERS*** But i like animals... Cayotees...Monkeys....Ducks.... and Billy. WHERE ARE THE DON'T WALK BY'S???!!!! I HAVE ONLY HAD ONE IN SINCE 1904!!! And that was for a squirrel biting Gareth's bloody arse! If i don't get more don't walk by's in by christmas i am going to stick you all in the blinkin lock up and let Mark FART!! FART... FART... I can write don't walk by's in my sleep, upside down and even with my toes.... My Master, it's just we are allergic to the actual cards.... ALLERGIC...I'll give you bloody allergic! The cards are allergy FREE!! and even organic.. My master it's just no fair you meany.... Just get those bloody cards in...i haven't even started on the visa transactions!! It's BARMY!!! If i had my way, i'd send you all to the Watermark and make you dig holes all day. You wouldn't be smiling then would you. It's bleeding ridiculous. BILLY...Get me a brew and make it snappy... 4 sugars, a pint of milk and and 15 cream cakes and don't forget the sports mixture!! It's hard to get the bloody staff these days.. All i ask for is a nice warm brew on my desk in the morning and what do i get F**K All!! Things must change, and change now! A proper brew and a packet of hob nobs on my desk first thing tomorrow morning or else. For God's sake they even feed the pigeons at the STAG office you imbeciles. Get out there and clean those vans, polish your shoes, comb your hair and get your finger out! And Mark keep your clothes on this time.. Christmas Party... There will be no Christmas Party until you wear your shoes out from working too hard.. I want to see you sweating blood and sleeping in your CPS van. Don't worry it's just a load of bollocks! Get me that Donkey to make me happy.. It's the only thing i can trust in this crazy world! It's my life A Donkey is for life..not just for christmas. ***WEIRDO*** What do you call a three legged donkey? A Wonkey you idiot... Now get out and feed the mule. And make sure it is fueled up to get to Spennymoor! ass..

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Duration: 3 minutes and 49 seconds
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: BM
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Posted by: bazrock on Oct 27, 2009

A day in the life

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