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Question & Answers Session by Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi 1 of 3

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First of all, As-Salāmu `Alaykum (peace be upon) to all. These people (followers of His Holiness) had organized this gathering for speech. Now if I delivered the speech, I would have done it with my own will (I would have said what I want to say). So, I asked them to arrange questions & answers session, so that audiences may ask whatever they want to. Yes…repeat your question. Question: Allah says in the Holy Quran that “not even a single leaf can move without my permission”. So, Sarkar, "are sins committed by Man also by Allah’s consent"? Answer: Now, a leaf cannot move, without wind it does not move also. This (wind) is a cause. There are some sins which have been written by Allah in fate. While sins of Prophets are not written, they (Prophets) are innocent. Everyone except them has his/her sins written due to which he/she remains humble (submissive). Those sins which are written, they are Taqdir-e-azal (the Eternal or the one bound to happen) which must bound to happen. Yes, if your Murshid/Spiritual guide is Kamil (Perfect) then He will convert those sins into your dreams. Now the question arises that why He (Allah) should hold us accountable for sins which are written in our destiny? He has written and these are in Taqdir-e-azal (the Eternal or the one bound to happen). The sins which you will commit written in Taqdir-e- Maollaq (Conditional or in Abeyance) are subject to accountability. Therefore, you will be held accountable for the sins you will commit. Now since Man is unaware as which sins have been written (by God) and which sins man will commit? That is why it is necessary to make effort to avoid committing sins. But what is bound to happen has to happen. Once Prophet Moses asked Allah about His most favorite kind of worship. Allah replied, “You wouldn’t be able to do that”. Musa asked why? Allah said, “Because when a man cries after committing a sin, I like it most. But you are free from sin, so how can you cry?” Question: Sarkar, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) prayed to Allah “to increase my knowledge” (Rab-e-Zidni-Ilma). Sarkar, what was that knowledge for which Prophet Muhammad prayed? Answer: One kind of knowledge is that, by which walis (saints) use to go or Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went. With apparent/physical body Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went and Walis use to prepare their souls to go. Now, they cross through Sidra-tul-Muntaha and go even beyond this. They can also reach Muqam-e-Mehmood (Station of Mehmood). When they approach Muqam-e-Mehmood, Allah sits there, and He meets them there. Whatever is beyond that, nobody goes there. Everybody at this stage pray for the knowledge that is beyond this stage? For which nobody knows. Question: Imam Mahdi will have a Seal of Mahdiat on His back with Kalma. It can be disrespectful if such an honorable personality is asked show that Seal. Then Sarkar, how that Seal would be shown or can be seen? Answer: Who ever will declare himself to be Imam Mahdi, He has to show (seal). If he claims then why He is not showing! Question: Imam Mahdi will have miracles (karamat) by which people from every religion will recognize him. On the other hand, Dajjal will also have powers e.g. resurrecting the dead. How a believer of miracles can distinguish between miracles of Mahdi and trick of Dajjal/Antichrist? Answer: No, differentiation is utterly not possible. Thief recognizes a thief, noor(divine light) recognizes noor. Two thieves sitting close to each other will recognize each other by eyes. Momins (a person having divine light in the heart) siting before each other will have attraction because of their hearts. People of Heart, those who will be having Noor in their hearts will recognize Imam Mahdi while those who have Satan in their hearts will support Satan. Or those people, these religions are created in this World; it was not there up on heavens, there was only Love. So, whoever loved Allah there in primordial times wherever they went i.e. in Hindus or infidel will follow Mahdi naturally. That is why those people, non-Muslims and Muslims also will support Imam Mahdi. But devilish powers will be against them. Just like Imam Mahdi will be given all powers of Prophet Muhammad PBUH likewise Dajjal will have full powers of Satan. Question: Sarkar …this is Stephen Masih from Daska, Sialkot. He has asked two questions. When and where will Prophet (Jesus) Isaa (AS) appear and how he will be recognized? Second question is that Isaa (AS) and Imam Mahdi will preach together…when this would happen? Answer: First of all how would you recognize Isaa (AS) if he comes here? Even if Allah comes here you will negate His appearance here. Saying that “don’t know who came down”. Imam Mahdi will confirm Jesus Isaa (AS) “that He is Isaa (Jesus) and Jesus Issa (AS) where he is working he will tell to his followers that about Mahdi”. Question: we came to know that Imam Mahdi is neither a prophet nor a wali…what exactly is His rank (stature)? Answer: Yes…this is true. Prophethood has been finished, after Prophet Muhammad (SAW) there are no more prophets. And neither He (Mahdi) is in Walayia (Sainthood). If He (Imam Madhi) would have been Wali (Saint) then why would He be called “Alaihis-Salaam”, He is neither a prophet nor a wali. As Khizar (AS) is “Naqeeb-e-awaliya” Mahdi (AS) wouldn’t be a prophet but it is said he will be a Peer/Spiritual guide of a prophet. Has there been any Peer/Spiritual guide of Prophets ever before? People say Isaa (AS) will take oath of allegiance (Bait) from Mahdi (AS). As prophets do not have Peer/Spiritual guide what you would call Him? Imam Mahdi will be Peer/Spiritual guide of prophet. He himself would be neither wali nor prophet. What will be his Status? You can assume His status yourself. Actually one day Allah thought how would He looked like. The moment He thought this a reflection appeared in front of Him. That reflection became a soul. Now, your reflection is lifeless while reflection of Allah turned into a soul. Allah became lover of that Soul and that Soul became lover of Allah. Then Allah shook/waved seven more times and seven more souls came into being. First soul is closest to Allah which on his right side. Next is the soul of Fatima (RZA), then the souls of Hassan Basari (RHA), Ghaus Pak (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jalani), Sultan Sahib and other souls. And soul of Mahdi (AS) is right beside Allah on His left side. . He (Prophet Muhammad) is on the right while He (Mahdi AS) is on the left side. They are very close to each other. Question: Sarkar …what is the quantity of inner/spiritual and apparent zikr (chanting)? Answer: About their quantity. Prayers/Salats are obligatory for everyone. Only five are obligatory prayers, if anybody does not offer prayer, it is his/her own will. But beyond this there is a stage of Zakooriat (Chanting the name of Allah) and it has specific number. It is order for ordinary person, just like it is order for prayers; in the same way it is also instructed to do zikr. 5000 time daily zikr if you are punctual in five time prayers. If you are a Maulvi (cleric) do zikr 25000 times daily, only then you will be superior to the person doing 5000 times.

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World renowned spiritual personality His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi at His hometown answering the questions of people regarding Imam Mahdi/Kalki Avtar and end times.

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