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Riccardo Magnani - Bagnacavallo 2013 - part 2

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and here is the Black Swan .. Vulture, Eagle .. we are always there So, all that is in Renaissance art, absolutely everything, is characterized by two elements One, are the musical notations, and two, are the mountain ranges throughout the Italian Renaissance art at the turn of the '500 and the European, in the '500 all mountain ranges represented, indicate my town: Lecco If you go to the "Sistine Chapel", seems to be in the Pro-loco of Lecco If you go to Palazzo Tornabuoni in Florence, seems to be in the dislocate section of the Pro-loco of Lecco Often, this notation range, is associated with a flight of birds from right to left and from left to right, with two birds in flight that mate This is what ideally, Leonardo does in "La Gioconda" The representation of himself in female form, through music Which one? One that he left in Lecco. Not by chance, the landscape behind "La Gioconda", despite what is said, is Lecco Divided: the left side that faces north, the right side that faces south. To achieve the correct landscape, you have to take the right and put it under the left. That is, re-create that identity Left side, right side, the rational, intuitive, reunification This is what he does with Mona Lisa and what Bellini does representing a landscape of Valtellina where then, all the knowloedge I told you, is held Raphael with the Mona Lisa that you have seen. Etc.etc. Go right ahead .. I told you I do not know for what ... probably the reason that leads me to also put these shirts. The madness. Incidentally, non-random and not self-centered. Madness, is the basis of the musical score you saw The folly of Corelli: utillizzata in several films by Kubrick, to emphasize his films, admittedly esoteric "The Praise of Folly" by Erasmus of Rotterdam, madness as non rationality The insane in sciamanic cultures , are the characters of greater wisdom So at some point I superimposed: Deneb in Nazca, Altair .. Aquila, in Tiahuanaco Vega, Lyra, at a point not identified Go right ahead .. I zoomed in and zoomed in and zoomed in and zoomed in, and below Vega, on Google Earth, appeared this thing I think it's possible for everyone to see a square, with the inscriptions inside This measure 600 square meters to 600. Keep in mind that Machu Picchu, are 300 to 600 meters ... roughly At that point, say that I was surprised is an understatement But to say that I wanted to see what was all around, is quite natural Like when it goes to fungi, trying trying, when we find one, we try to look for many others around because, ideally you think that there are any This is an enlargement of that .. go right ahead .. Widening, widening, this thing came out This is a ceremonial square, while the first is, with a good chance, the Temple of the Sun Why do I say so, because in all cultures, in all architectural Andean situations there is always representation: a ceremonial square, a Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, etc.etc. Go right ahead This in a closer manner This square, which is patently unnatural, measuring 2 km to 4 Go right ahead .. Close to what I call the "Tempio del Sol" there are three pyramids One, two, three. Go right ahead .. Here they are with lights, bad .. Go right ahead .. Still, coincidentally, with the swan. Go right ahead .. This is almost the entire area in which it stands the city of Paititi Because I keep stubbornly to call it Paititi or Eldorado or Akakor? because in the legendary tales about it and in some traces of the news, as it happens by a Jesuit we find the elements, that make us lean towards the fact that, this can only be, with this size and with this relevance the lost city of Paititi or the mythical Eldorado, narrated by Spanish conquistadors that at a certain point when they went to conquer Peru and plunder, have lost track of the natives who have escaped in the forest The fact that, until now, no one had found it, is that in rthe reports it is said that from Cuzco, they fled and went to east, walking for 10 days As there are the mountains, to get around the mountains, the path is to the east and going back But thinking: they went to east and have walked for 10 days, they went to east and walked ... And they all seek beyond, where there is Pantiacolla, where there are petroglyphs of Pusharo etc.etc. This area I said, it is 20 km to 30 Where there is, more or less, everything that I have indicated to you, outside of this area, there is this additional square outside of that area, there is, there are two additional aprons, with a staircase of fitting So think of it as any village lost in the Amazon rainforest is unthinkable Moreover, that if there is a legend so strong as to be even threefold, namely: Paititi for the Natives Eldorado to the conquistadors, Akakor for a freeland German journalist , who later died in suspicious circumstances collecting the stories of an indigenous, pseudo-German native It means that there is something more. Go right ahead .. I said, that there are similarities between what you see from the satellite and from this town, with the nearby town of Cuzco This is the solar clock .. Go ahead .. Again because of lights you see little but, inside the Temple of the Sun, it seems to be a similar solar clock. Go right ahead .. A stepped pyramid, this is at Cuzco Let's move on .. Here we see it a little better Let us go forward Here you lose it in the game of lights, but it is one of the threepyramids that I have pointed out b So even in the visual presentation, these formations that are totally unnatural, seem totally unnatural have similar situations, in one of the major archaeological sites in Perù indeed, the cultural capital of Perù This is a mountain range, that is between the cerimonial square and the Temple of the Sun, we see there Go right ahead ... This is the representation that Blas Valera, or that Jesuit native who I was telling you before who was accused of heresy, because a little too close to the positions of the native he left us in a paper, which was recently discovered in the archive of the Jesuits in Rome We have a vision of a mountain range, a ceremonial square, a building a little smaller and a constellation that dominates it If we go further, we have the same position represented symmetrically or as the Mona Lisa, left and right, view to the north, view to the south here we have the same mountain relief, represented by the opposite side, with a change of color, probably winter, summer up with the vulture, the bird sacred to the native Peruvians And below, at the level of the river, a series of images, that probably recall the petroglyphs as as there are at Pusharo and many other nearby areas Go right ahead ... Not only, there are two details, which he indicated with these circles that recall , once again, something that, in the ufficial peruvian archeology, is present Here we are at Machu Picchu and it is a building that archaeologists, they said is used for the storage of grain and other .... The items to consider .... please .. Yes, in front of .. you, however, that is the area Among other things, here's a portrait in the rock, of Viracocha ok, I apologize by memory is a bit complicated. Go right ahead ... I was saying that the fact that there are so many situations that appear unnatural, in a position which, coincidentally accords with what is narrated by, not a legend, but two legends of opposite origin that identify the same place for why anyone should at least be motivated to investigate All the more reason that this investigation, now pushes to try to close with private funding to be able to make an expedition in place, why? Because the Peruvian government, to date, does not accept to intervene in this situation For a variety of reasons which I will explain later .. I told you that there is a third hypothesis nonlegendary and not ancient but modern, precisely what the "chronicle of Akakor" written by Brugger that has become fundamental, the ... the fourth episode of the Indiana Jones saga, that of the temples of crystal, which is ideally oriented there The same Tomb Raider is ideally set in Paititi, Eldorado So there are many situations more or less virtual that converge in an almost virgin location of our Earth where it happens that for 600 square kilometers there is a whole city. Made from archaeological megalithic identity At the very least, I repeat, the burden of the investigation should prevail. Go right ahead ... This is a map of Perù. Brugger says: at the headwaters of the Purus, but at the sources of the Purus there is everything that I have told in pictures Go right ahead .... What I have told in images up to now, it's here Inside the Nahua-Nanti reserve, which is a reservation that like all civilized people have reserved to the natives then the Aborigines in Australia, all the reserves in North America .. where the natives could retire in peace Not too in peace, because, the black square is called Camisea Lot 88, and is a lot in which the government authorized, contrary to the laws of the same Peruvian government the extraction of natural gas. The red part is called Lot Fitzcarraldo and is under work for further new extractions of gas So the situation is extremely delicate, but not only for that, which would endanger both the environment and these findings. Go right ahead ... Within this area, at one point, I found this' image. This image is a camp of uncontacted natives The inhabitants of this small camp, they never saw the man Two years ago have gone around the world, the footages taken from Brazil, near the border with these areas, in which a plane filmed the uncontacted Here we are faced with the same situation. This situation is the one that prompted me to involve the Peruvian government before, to do .. from the moment the government has not responded as I expected, an announcement via a website, so that this discovery was reported and I could ask for the involvement of all institutions, possible authorities , imaginable so that the natives were preserved, even before the environment was preserved and even before, this discovery was preserved There is a moment in which the summer triangle is visible in the southern hemisphere. And it is more than 20.000 years before Christ This means that this discovery is one of the first settlements of post flood I will not go into the details of what is the flood, if there was one, if there have been two etc.etc. But, this finding is very important because we could probably gain access to sources of knowledge, in addition to the intrinsic material treasure, not defiled by the transliteration that the man in a perverse search and continued supremacy over his fellow man has always conducted over the years In an even more cruelty, over the past 5 thousand years, at least This is an image in which .., Temple of the Sun and the ceremonial square .. I put all the camps that I found uncontacted and they are many. It's a very inaccessible zone. And is an area where the man in search of treasure or speculation, as there are many could bring death. Just to go there. For this reason, diligently, I had asked a government participation Go right ahead ... This is our galaxy, we have done everything possible to destroy a small piece of this galaxy that is the Earth, which is really a tiny speck of it It makes no sense, then, let us all together, at least I on my side, to recover everything possible to make so that we can all live in harmony, following the only law that really constrains our existence: the natural law

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