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Media Litteracy Week - Semaine de l'éducation aux médias

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Medias Literacy Week 2009 Everyday, media bombards us whether we tune in the television or go for a jog. It’s all ability to access, analyse, evaluate and create media in variety of forms, which makes us media literate. But what exactly does media literacy mean ? You know it takes time to cultivate, one by one, people who aren’t knowledgeable about the term. The term is still needs clarity media literacy. So, it took several years prior to actually starting the organisation to make people understand that this is an academic field. Faculty and students have a lot to gain from developing their understanding of media literacy because it applies across so many disciplines and in so many personal and professional ways. The opportunity should develop one’s own understanding of media literacy. It’s really valuable for both students and teachers. There's thinking about and it should... we thought about seriously because of the barrage of the media messages that bombard us daily. Subconsciously, we don't think about all the media that surrounds us. We can filter all the messages we want to hear. But what about those messages we don't think about? How of those messages affect us on daily basis? Well, it certainly has an effect; at home it has an effect. You know when we sit in our household with the many types of technology that we engage with or, you know, involuntarily, there is media around us. So, it has an effect on us, it has an effect on how we understand communication. Media are all around us, all the time, and we need to know how to negotiate media. If we care about our house, if we care about our society in terms of public policy, if we care about our election, that's why media literacy is so important because it’s a lifelong survival skill and you need those critical thinking skills when you need to make decision about important things. Being media literate is just as important as being able to read and write. Media literacy allows us to interact with our ever changing environment. We interview educators to try to understand their existing knowledge and attitudes. Ones a group of us thought that it was a critical mass. We called a group, a meeting together, and no one be hold out of this. You know invitation came about sixty-five people and really it was at that point that we felt okay : we have to start meeting and start talking about this and see where we go with it. It would involve public, private, volunteer and independent sector citizens. It would involve the region and we were very lucky the cooperating school districts of greater St-Louis. Now, an organisational member let us come to their offices and we met there monthly and we were having programs. The organisation has been around for six years and this is their third annual media literacy week. The goal for media literacy week is to get a conversation going about media literacy and the importance of media literacy education and it's really about community and it’s really about the region. I'd like, in my lifetime, to make sure that all seventy million children who intend american public school have some exposure to media literacy in their lifetime. Now, it turns out that there's some progress toward that goal in some reasonable expectation of it success. So programs like the St-Louis Media Literacy Week help enormously to increase the visibility for media literacy, the understanding of its importance as a basic fundamental life skill that we all need: students, teachers and all of us, young and old. So, opportunities like this are vital to spread the word about the value of media literacy as a life skill. Our ability to interpret media messages on a daily basis is crucial. Medias will always be around us and when we take an active role in the messages we hear, we take control of our understanding. For more information about Media Literacy Week, visit Producer Camera Operators : Editor/ Graphics Designers : Narrator Special thanks to

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Every day media bombards us and it's our job to understand the messages we're receiving. Tous les jours les médias nous bombardent et c'est notre travail de comprendre les messages que nous recevons.

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