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[MUSIC PLAYING] Chances are your eight-week-old puppy already has a good recall. Most breeders use a puppy call when they put the food down. And that puppy call gets to be a very compelling sound for the litter. [MUSIC PLAYING] Puppy, puppy, puppy. Puppy, puppy, puppy. The puppies become unhinged with excitement when they hear that call. It's a powerfully conditioned reinforcer, and they almost involuntarily will run toward that sound, even if it takes them away from their meal. Puppies will naturally move toward high-pitched, fast sounds, so even if your puppy's breeder didn't use the puppy call, it can still work for you. To begin, use the call when you put your puppy's food dish down. And within a few meals, he'll be crazy for the puppy call and will come running whenever he hears it. As the puppies grow, we continue to use the puppy call when we want to draw them into us, but now, we add a grownup recall cue. We use the word come. Puppy, puppy, puppies, come. Because the recall cue is paired with a puppy call, it eventually becomes equally as exciting as the puppy call. Rosie, come. Come, come, come. Yes, good girl. Gradually, we'll fade the puppy call until all that's left is the recall cue that we'll use for the rest of the puppy's life. [MUSIC PLAYING] It really is that easy to teach a nearly bomb-proof recall, but there are a couple of caveats. First, the reason this works almost like magic is that you're creating a classically conditioned involuntary feeling of excitement about the recall word. And to maintain that, you have to give your dog something fantastic every single time he comes to you. You might get away with praise and patting when the puppy is very small, but usually, by the time the puppies are 16 weeks old, food becomes the puppy's preferred currency. Oh, amazing. That was amazing. Wow. She's like give me the cookies. Second, dogs don't speak English, but they read music. Think of your recall cue not as a word, but as a musical note that you must sing exactly the same way each time for it to work. Also, while you can pick any recall word you want, make your recall word special by saying it in a tone that you would never normally use. If your recall word is here, your dog hears that a thousand times a day. The laptop's in here. Here's your cell phone. I can't hear you. But if your recall word is (FALSETTO) here, that's a sound your dog never hears, and it will always and only mean come to you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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