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My name is Roz Bateman Smith. I am a Sonoma County family law attorney with the law offices of Provencher & Flatt. This video is brought to you by the California Lawyers Association, a non-profit organization of lawyers throughout California. This video is geared for self-represented litigants who have questions about how COVID-19 impacts child custody and visitation. Please note that this video is intended to provide general information and does not constitute as legal advice. The information in this video is based on rules in place as of April 8th 2020. Additional information and resources can be found at our website at Breathe. It will be alright. While answers to all of your questions may not be immediately available, please know that many people are working around the clock to address everyone's needs. None of us has every been here before, your safety and safety of your children is one of the state's highest priorities. Restraining order requests, if something has happened to you and you need to request a restraining order first contact your local law enforcement and request an emergency protective order or an EPO then follow the directions on your county's website for filling a request for temporary orders. Mini courts are open for processing these emergency requests. Most other requests are temporarily on hold pending the termination of Governor Newsom's stay home, shelter in place orders. During this time, we ask that you be patient and give people the chance to do what needs to be done to get us through this crisis. You may be feeling scared and your world turned upside down. You may have either been laid off of work or required to work additional hours to help in your community. Whatever anxiety and fear you are experiencing, your children are experiencing similar things. They are looking to you for support and strength. Let them know that this isn't a forever thing and you are there for them. It is up to each parent to contribute to their children's feelings of safety and comfort during this unprecedented time in our nation's history. Many of you have custody and visitation orders in place each order is written specifically for your family and situation. Currently, the courts in most areas are closed for hearings where possible you are encouraged to follow the current orders but if it is not possible due to safety concerns and/or the shelter in place orders it is recommended that you take this opportunity to work with the other parent to come up with creative ways your children can spend time with your co-parent. Develop a creative agreement so that children can enjoy time with both or all of you, if not physically then virtually. Examples include frequent video conferencing between the child and parent through Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. You can also reschedule missed visits, visitation times by giving each extra summer and weekend visits. Talk on the phone more often or play video games online with your older children. Many solutions are possible when parents open their minds and are willing to work together. If one of the parents is ordered to have professionally supervised or monitored visits and the visitation monitor has cancelled all in person visits due to the COVID-19 virus then you may have to miss time with your child until the supervisor is again available. You could also check with the supervisor or other local resources to see if any other professionals would be willing to provide virtual monitoring or work with the other parent to see if he or she would be willing to supervisor a video conference time with your child. Remember this is a brief period in yours and your child's, children's lives. You have the power to make it a memory that is positive or negative, work together with the other parent to make it a positive one. We hope this video answered some questions you have regarding your child sharing time with the other parent. You can access your local court by searching the county you live in and superior court. example: Sonoma County Superior court then follow the link. If you need more information or to watch other videos on family law topics go to Thank you and stay safe.

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