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Medioambiente -- NOAgKNa

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Good afternoon. Welcome to Super X Today we will talk about some topics that involve everyone. Enter video. The global warming The lack of resources. Some of the greatest problems nowadays. Today we will explain them here, in Super X Welcome. Durin this week you have been enjoying the "Practical XL" programation. I hope the innovative soul of this channel is already in every home. Now it is our turn. Super X is already here and this is our information spaceship. From here we take off every week, every seven days, to look for unsolved stories, to look for misteries that are already there. And it looks paradoxical that in 21st century this quiestions aren't solved yet. We, who are an objective journalist team which only looks for evidence, will answer these questions. So let's start talking about one of the main problems: the energy. Are you coming? The energy. What's the energy? What's it used for? Well, this term has several definitions: the SAR says: efficacy, power, pursuant to act. Howerver, from a physic point of view it is known as the ability to do a work. There are a lot of types of energi: from the kinetik (movement) to the termic. However, nowadays the most used is the electic one due to its versatility But, how it's made? You have to use another type of energy to create it. This is based on the energy conservation law: the energy is nor created neither destroyed, what do not say it, it is only transformed. But, where do we get energy from? There are two main types of energy sources: the renewable ones and the non-renewable ones. The non-renewable ones burn fuel to generate electricity which generates greenhouse gases. Renewable ones, however, use the nature (the wind or the water, for example), which makes them much more ecologycal. However, as shown in the graphic, 93% of the energy we use comes from non-renewable sources. In this other graphic we can see the sources of energy on a more detailed way. As a direct consequence of the uncontrolled use of the non-renewable energy two problems have risen: the global warming and the lack of resources. Let's start whith the global warming. Due to the CO2 emmissions the temperature of the globe, the earth, the world, the orb... is comming up uncontrolatelly, because, as shown in the image, the solar rays which enter the athmosphere are kept inside. What can happen with this? Enter video. The earth's temperature is rising. The poles are melting. The sea level is coming up. Our planet's balanced clime is chanchig irreversibly. If this keeps this way some of our most precious monuments will disappear forever. Bilbao's river will sink the famous Guggenheim museum. The sea will destroy Moneo's cubes. Manhattan will be sunk. And not only that, but also our lifestyle will change forever. A lot of people will diet, etc, etc. Do you really want to be this way? We can save the planet. Or will you let Puppy die? Shokcing images. But this will be the situation of our planet if we don't do anything. On the other hand we had our second problem, why do not say it, the lack of resources. As I said before almost every energy comes from non-renewable sources, specially the oil, as shown in the image. Another great problmen involved whith these sources is that they are limited. This has a lot of consequences an none of them is positive. Firs of all, due to the great dependence to the fossil fuels and this kind of sources, will arrive a moment when they exhaust stopping great areas of the developed world. Another great problem is the money. The less oil and carbon we have, the more expensive they are. However, do we have to pay for the air? This makes us come up with the solutions. Using renewable energies whe can finish the dependece to the oil. In adittion, the sources of this kind of energy are unlimited and the access to most of them is free. However, another effective solution is the saving on energy individually, in your homes. The easiest form is using your mind. For example, using natural light during the day to have the lights off, or using a good termic isolation to save in the heating bill. Today we have talked about two great problems of the world, but there are much more. With your help we can save the planet from every problem either the global warming, the lack of water or the pollution. Every solution is sumarized in two words: saving an recycling. And as Gohete said: to know is not enoug; we have to apply it. Having volition is not enough, we have to deploy it. I've liked it. Thank you for the information.

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Posted by: noagkna on Feb 16, 2010

Trabajo sobre el calentamiento global y la falta de recursos entregado a clase de GEMZ creado por el equipo de NOAgKNa.

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