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Food, Water And Energy In The Network Society - Alex Lightman (720p_30fps_H264-192kbit_AAC)

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Hello, I'm Alex Lightman, nice to meet you I'm going to talk about food, water and energy in the network society I wanted to start by saying there's a magazine here it's on the G20 it's for the head of the 20 largest economies Italy is one of them and this is a magazine on the quest on the growth and stability the very fist add is about how to exploit the tore sand of Canada the tore sands of we burn them will basically double the global warming greenhouse gases from all these tores sands for every barrel of fuel you get from it you have to use about 50 barrels of water in the other advertisements, publication, .. here we go petrol brass so basically the idea of growth and stability today by the none network society is defined as more fossil fuels so if we look at single coal fired power plant that can supply about 70.000 homes so basically, maybe you need about 10 of them to power a Terrano so imagine at that window, that beautiful landscape 10 of these plants now imagine that they're putting out each one each year 2 million tones of ِِِCO2 70.000 tones of ash each would be bigger than those buildings 95 pounds of mercury which is very poisonous and a 125 pounds of arsenic which is also poisenous in the US up intil just 3 years ago this provided more than half of all of our electricity even though we've been using solar for 6.000 years there's a whole book called "Let it shine" about how we've been using solar for 6.000 years we've had solar pannels for photovoltaics since 1883 and in 1905 Einstein came up with the photo electric effect paper that he won his only nobel prize for this is also .. David and I didn't coordinate our slides i find it amusing that he had a bounch of dirty face children in the coal mine this is their reality of it it's very hard and there is still places where their mining coal not so differeent from them each age has a defining technology we created technology and that changes everything so the locomotive was one of the most powerful entities in the industrial age anyone know how many times England economy grew from 1650 to 1750 ? 100 years ..any one want to guess ? double .. triple.. anyone .. any guesses ?? 10 times . who said that ? yes ! ok thank you for having the courage to say that the answer is .. just add a zero 100 times !! 100 times in 100 years a lot of it was because of that that's a big difference and this pace age going ,we now have about a 100 billion dolar a year commercial space market mainly for satelites but not just for satelites the space station costs about .. just from the US about 4 billion dollars a year and we put things on Mars and then we have the information age, computers, mainframe, mini-computer PC, now we have mobile phones, and then we have this disappearing, disappearing interface as we have conversational user interfaces this is the Pony Express the Pony Express was having people run on horses yaahh !! and going from one side of the country to the other it was only in place for 3 years before it was replaced by the telegraph which was payed for by the US government and then the telephone and the patents for this were 30 minutes a part in the patent office and then we look at this, this is farm so these are farm jobs as a percentage of it's total employment zero percent to 45 percent so about 1 out of every 2.5 jobs in the US from 1900 was in agriculture and these jobs in here and then this is a scale of tractores used in farmes so very few tractores used and then we use more and more tractors we have fewer and fewer jobs so this is a room full of people who know the future what's the next thing? whats the next graph? that we can look ahead in the future that's going to look just like that we're right here with jobs anyone want to make a guess? who said that ? Yes ! our ambassador of Spain Yes exactly, Robots ! human ride Robots especially are going to make that exact thing happen only the difference is we have this graph now and we should really look at it really carefully because it's telling us some of the things, we can learn from the past, the past doesn't repeat but it does rhyme it does have a certain sound again, this is the model T factory in Detroit .. that basically making cars that could be afforded because Henry Ford raised the wage these are also where lots of robots were going now, who here owns their property ? who here owns their home ? OK, several people so, was it tough ? to afford to buy a home now ? is it ? yeah ? so there's an affordability index in Hong Kong it's 17 which means that you take the salary and it takes you 17 years in total salary to buy the average building in Hong Kong average salary .. average dwelling in London it's about 16 in Detroit, anyone knows what it is ? it's 2 !!, it's the lowest in the world average cost for a dweiling it's a 120.000 you can buy houses for 5.000 and the average income is 60.000 so one part of Detroit .. Detroit has collapsed it's a failed state it's like if you have athens as a state you know .. a city state that has failed but, out of the ashes you have all these people that are coming in whom with 60.000 a year jobs who are able to buy 120.000 dollar homes it's very funny so the sun is setting on fossil fuels and as government as a leader because fossil fuels promote centralization and governments thrives on cenralization basically just like flies on garbage if you dont have centralization you dont have to have .. 3.. 4 5 6 7 8 layers of government so also fossil fuels have other costs in the US we're actually spending more than 10.000 dollars per year one third of US health care cost are due to fossil fuels that's 886.5 billion dollars that's not so terribly different from the size of the italian economy so imagine everything in Italy everything is being spent on health care just from fossil fuels in the US does that make sense? does it seem like something that's sustainable? and David Orban said : Unsustainability is unsustainable so also extreme climate events super typhoon Hayan it went over 80 islands in the Philippines and just stayed there going 300 miles an hour what's 300 miles an hour in Kms ? what ? .. ah 500, imagine 500 Kms an hour over this building for 4.5 hours what do you think would happen ? do you think you could go outside for a smoke ? do you really want a word where things like this can come down ? out of the atmosphere and just drop on you ? it killed 10.000 people , 6.000 were homeless and one projection, if you plot damage from whether, you just follow the graph out by 2060 if the graph continues , the weather damages will be equal to the word economy at that time this is bad, this is really serious and that's the reason we have to be concerned about this in the US, i dont know if you care about the US, i care so I'm going to talk about this 150 million people, you have the water, who can tell me how much of the earth is water ? who can tell me ? yes we don't live on a flat surface it would be 70 percent if we were living on a flat land but we're living at a sphere so it's 0.6 percent so if this is a globe of the world my moisture by breath is the depth of the ocean, that's real so we have .. the world is 0.6 percent of water 97 percent is salt water . 2 percent is ice , 1 percent is fresh water but the ice, 25 years ago was 2.8 trillion tonnes of ice we have lost more than 1 and a half trillion tonnes of ice in the last 25 years because it's melting so that's all turning into salt water if we keep on heating things up the ice will all melt and this is what will be futted in the US over 150 million people, more than half the population's affected but let's say we dont care about Amercica how about Asia ? , well more than 500 million people are in places where , when the water will rise and come into the city it won't necessarily just rise and then you'll be drowned it 'l have a store so , we couldn't almost imagine until the movie "The day after tomorrow" that new york systems subways would be floated with water during the storm they were in hurricaine sandays the subways were floated and that will happend more and more the Leading cause of water air pollution is fossil fuel harvesting so here's another way of looking at it , if you take all the water in the world and you put it in a ball , that's how much water we have and if you take all the atmosphere we have , that's where it fits . this is really seen like here and here that we want to burn hundreds of billions of tonnes of pollution does that make sence? So , there's a guy named Robert .O. Anderson who said something very interesting and i think this is a good message for the network society those who can not manage their assets to reflect their true value are inviting someone else to do it for them i believe that the network society and all the concerned people are invited to manage these assets this asset, and this asset, better . so, natural gaz uses four and a half trillion gallons of water in the US alone water for coal were using one thousand one hundred gallons per MWH a nuclear uses eight hundred three hundred gallons for MWH for natural gaz zero galons for solar this is the number one reason to use solar because you don't have to use water to get the energy now if we see this , we see a formulaization, we see things starting off in the process of digitisation, right? now watch this graph, oups oh oh it's on a PDF, of course, David ! so when this would do what you would see , if you were watching the gif working is you would see every single on this desktop turned into a company or somewhere between a 100 million and three hundred billion dollars everything here is been ephemeralised , so the ephermalisation is going to take place in the uh, in energy and the ephemeralisation of energy meaning you turn something from matter into, uh, non matter into energy, so the ephemeralisation energy includes one hundrand twenty million of these wooden poles most of them are more then fifty years old just in the US and seven thousand two hundred co plants in two thousand three hundred stations all of that is going to disappear yes?! you have your hand ? up, oh ! sorry , when you're gone like this is like, okay cool so now here's why uh.. whales falling apart with many places we use in the world today eighty four million barrels per day and over eighty percent of that oil is from nations that must sell their oil to balance their badgets so it doesnt matter if the price of oil goes down theyre not going to cut back , they have to kee^selling it so, post ideal Iran Iran will be dumping another three million dollars a day now here they basically .. the total production of liquids is here and then we've cut up, the.. basically the why acces is the average break even price so the average price for Saudi arabia , Kuwait all this to produce twenty seven dollars a berral the average of share shelf well is fourty one dollars beral that's the only amout of oil that makes profit in a .. below fifty dollar berral world that's where Russia is right now do you see why Russia is in Syria right now ? Russia is there so they go and drop out oil price above fifty dollar a berral you can see, determine so many things happening in the world just by looking at the price on sure rest of world, deep water here, north americain shale this is all falling apart shale, shale said its not going to be drilling in the in the artic anymore thats why, thats the reason why, thats the, this can explain half of all the weight fonction we heard about ithe quantom weight fonction collapsing and, in politics, that's it right there what's so great about the sun the amout of sun that reaches the earth surface in an hour contains enough energy to meet the world energy needs for a year to put another way the amout of energy recieved from the sun in a year is four to six thousand times as much as we need from all sources thats where the present MIT, uh, you will be if this were a gift that was working you would see this going faster than that and this going really really fast so the ideas that were going to be speeding things up this is from singularity university uh, Steven Cuttler and Peter D Amandas whenever you take a technology and you make it digital it then becomes receptive and starts to change you start to not notice it, you start to get that, the garden group hipcycle and, you know people say oh 3D printing! 3D printing is when the technology is going to change the world for a very long time until people kind of give up on it then it really start changing things and were there now and it becomes distractive , all of a sudden people start going out of busness , people start having problems new people are in the market and then dematerialising you're no longer using film to make it David and I were walking through Toreno, yesterday, we saw something that shocked us, do you know what it was? we saw a sign of somebody selling codac film David ! David you went in and you asked this, does that guys in Toreno who sell films still ? he still selling film ! I, I havent actually seen someone selling film in a very long time uh, I didnt know they existed still, he has telescopes too. um, um then dimonitising, things are done that, for free, then used to cost money and then dimocritising, having everybody be able to participate now I've added four more things to this so you probably havent heard these but they're all complementary to the six . one is decarbonization, everything that's using carbon will have the carbon taken out and you either take the carbon out or you go out of business, it's that simple by the way, Italy has fits and starts but Italy is one, one of the most uh the best nations for the emplomanic solar you should keep that up keep doing that decentralization and i didnt put this here because David likes decentralization this is really a trent this is what im talking about, David come and watch look David im talking about decentralization deflation, deflation is there cost will get lower and disintermidiation leading taking the middle man out of the process so if you add up decarbonization, decentralization, disintermidiation, deflation, what do you head for ? in America the average cost electricity is14 cent KWH, i think it's about double that in Italy, whats your cost for KWH Italy? how much? do you know? thirty cents okay ! this! is where were heading and Italy that, the power companies in there charge you thirty cents ? you should be installing solar all over the place, there are companies that can make money on3.5 cent KWH they're in busness right now in America selling power at that grade if you start with the solar the penels for skylab it was a hundrend dollars a Whatt it's going down to basically a dollar a Whatt and i know how to take solar to10 cents a whatt I'll tell you, do you want to know? there's a fluent, it's called a perrosky precursor and its from Oxford PD so you can take the Oxford PD and you can see it if any of you have ever had a drug test you've done in you're in simple you've been taking lots of vitamines your pee is very yellow it looks like that ! but you can take this flued, put it on windows and it has five percent efficiency ! solar cells right now have 15 percent and you have to manufecture them, you bru this like beer you bru in a fat and one swimming pool like right here ! this room right now just look around this room get us feeling through this vine, in a vine less then this room it's enough to provide all the solar installation that will be made this year with pennels, and it's made with common ingredients there's nothing rare involved in this so ! i l know how to take solar to ten cents a Whatt and I'm not joking about it . so look at all this costs down here then here's how the world changes this is a slide that if you understand this you can make a lot of money even if you start off with a relatively little money in twenty uh, twen.., two thousand and four solar was one billions dollars a year in Revedant, okay ! in twenty fourteen it was a hundrend billion dollars in Revedant, a hundrend times now! in twenty fourteen it was one percent of the world electicity but it grew fourty one percent if you grow something thirty six percent it doubles every two years so let's say it goes in thirty six percent and i believe it will more then double because of what i just told you the cheaper it is the more people install it ! the more it beats every thing else right?! so 2016, two percent, 2018, four percent, 2020, eight percent, 2022, sixteen percent, 2024 gets 32 percent, boom ! solar end the dirtyest fuel the end of cold, the end of cold age is twenty twenty four and i want to tell you something about me i published a million and a half words about the future starting in nineteen eighty five with the cover story of the featuries magazine when i talked about a guy who's a computer graphic artist named Edd Catmoll do you know who he is now? he became the head of Pixar so the guy that i picked as the center of my article to write about saying what he's doing is interesting became the head of Disneys Animation and i was writing about graphic since the future language in international busness so i published a million and a half words about the future over the last thirty years i have no mistakes I'm guaranteeing this will happen, I'm guaranteeing it 2026, boom, solar use of natural gaz i can tell you why natural gaz is bad but i have limited time 2028, 128 percent that means 128 percent of what we'reproducing electricity now is.. we're producing them just from solar 2030, 256 percent boom ! solar fueling electric cars better self driving cars because every self driving car replaces 15 cars that people don't buy i stopped driving 3 years ago my car is apps at my phone, i push a botton, I get around every where I go and then coal, natural gaz oil is done and with those 80 percent of fossil fuels we've used for our energy and it's been since the dawn of the industrual age the age is over, the pollution is over health care costs are done and a big reason for having big government just went away a big reason for the US military just went away a big reason to have a 1000 military bases just went away and there's a need for new models which is why the network society is so important so what would the network society do if we're not constraint by time, money or political power these are just a few ideas just to get you started one is to persuade governments to redeploy the 5.3 trillion per year spent subsidizing fossil fuels by the way that's not from Hippys, that's not from Alex, that's not from David Orban that's from the International monetary fund that's how much the say when subsidizing and that's not a B, that's a T ! trillion a million .. if you see this, this is a 100 doolars 10.000 dollars .. a million dollars a 100 million .. a billion .. this is what a trillion dollars is right .. so the person .. that's the person that little dot there that's a trillion .. now imagine 5 of those and then another third of one okay ? that's how much money we get to use for other things like Italian wines and cheeses whatever so ..and then we have this thing called Go 100 where you have cities that say we want to have electricity 100 percent renovable in the US we have thousands of cities but we have 3 that matter the rest dont matter BURLINGTON, VT, GREENBURG, KS, ASPEN, CO 100 percent of their energy for renovables right now so question ! do you have any cities in italy that are 100 percent fueled by renovables ? yes ! no ! ? until you do, you dont matter as a country until you do, you have no model inside your country of the world that is coming just 15 years from now it's very bad and where's that members of parliment where is he ? where did he go ? what does this mean ? what is it ? ah okay yeah ! ok because if you hear this you have to do something about it it's not that hard and it's actually kind of fun and in fact this is something that i want you too to take as a business find cities that want to be 100 percent renovable and sell them the plans, the services to achieve this target by 2030 remember it's being achieved right now there are cities right now now, the person who social media thinks the one with the bait for the democratic presidential election comes from BURLIGTON VT when you achieve this goal it opens your mind, it opens your heart, it opens you consciousness to see new possibilities, and it makes people come to you thay want you, the believe you, they trust you, they respect you for achieving this goal because this goal really matters and also implement a national emissions trading system and/or carbon tax that gets larger with successive bonus success bonuses for reducing gases so if you look at this, the IU is doing pretty well the IU has a lot of places with a carbon tax and emission trading system this is a big advantege for europe to have these policies but you don't have uniform policies we have it, something in north America they basically .. nothing compares to europe this is where you're way ahead and if you get act right on solar you get your things near enough extremely good position for the 21 century also using satellites to find .. another technologies to find water i know how to find water from space with satellites i know how to find gold and how to find oil .. silver from space this is a very diable thing to know and, i think that also, especially since you're here i put up a post in facebook showing that people would build four small houses next to each other so that friends could live together, and they got a lot of likes i think that you should meet friends and they should build your house in a gated community with solar and with it's water next to each other because that's a part of the trust, if you have trust, if you can trust your neighbors you have a much better quality of life and this is the biggest opportunity, sell some of the hundred trillion dollars ,and we now know how big a trillion dollar is an equipment needed to make the world 100 pecent powered by clean energy we need a lot of wind machines, wave, geothermal, hydro, solar pv, all these kin of things lots and lots and lots .. 3.9 million winter bones 720.000 wave machines Italy you should be over this, you should be dominating silver you should be dominating wind, you're so good at export I just spent the time with the world expo if you put half the effort you put into your designated productive arange and cheeses into solar and wind .. in title .. who has a cost line than you in europe who?, ah ok I guess Greece so Greece and Italy should be dominating wave power, why not ? so, now am concluding, what would a solar world look like ? you'll save 5trillion dollas a year in fossil fuel which you don't have to pay interest on you have trillions in reduced health care coss you have 4.5 trillions gallons of water save you have energy abundance low cost dependable feature so thank you very much for your time and I'm happy to take any questions *applause* thank you Alex, so I'm sure you have questions because that was a very very interesting speech here you go so thank you Alex for the very inspiring talk, so what is the one thing the little job can do ? to make what you know .. what can each person do? you can go .. we have an organization in America if you don't have it in Italy then it needs to be invented here today okay ? because you ask me and if somebody asks me a question then they need to do it, then they need to be invented in Greece and it's called Grid Alternatives what Grid Alternatives does is it gets the solar companies to donate solar pannals and then it gets valanteers and it trains them how to install the solar so i put on a harn hat, i put on a harness and i went on a roof of a house in Panorama city california which is a poor neighborhood and a person who didn't have much money but who qualified, we put the solar panels on for free so a poor person is now no longer paying any money for electricity that person now has never again going to have to pay for electricity isn't that amazing ? what did i get ? i got to learn more about solar it's pretty interesting, it's a very useful skill so learn how to do solar and learn by helping with the poor do you have poor people in Italy ? well help them, you have all these people in the south, do you think solar would be good in southern Italy ? in Sicily and Palermo and places like that wouldn't that be a good way of helping Italy ? if you can reach me repeat the question because stream couldn't here well, we do have a majority of our energy produce by renovables the problem is well the reason we payed 30 cents is because we got an incentive, a state incentive, a feed in tariff so the Grid ! i think that's step one before anything else can happen either there's a nothegger system or you 're still fueling the main stream centralized governmental well my answer is learn to install solar and think for an opportunities to do it and help everyone do it not just wealthy people ok another question yes sorry it's not a question but i have 2 freinds that have 2 solar companies and until the Italian state had the subsidiation for this installation they survived and now they've changed business because they're going backwards with only by the buy of solar so it's quite the curios thing that what happened, it's the subsidiation was i think because from 2012 until last year.. of course yeah , well it's a curios thing that you say, learn how to do it but it's not a sustainable business its a sustainable business for those who manage it properly, it's not a sustainable business.. you know that there were places that make pizza that go out of business there are ! there are, there are restaurants go out of business it doesn't matter of a business goes out of business because you redeploy it, but lets say install solar and goes out of business it's not like making a coal power plan going out of business then leaving the coal power plan if there's nothing that's lost from doing that they have the solar there forever so thank you Alex *Applause*

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Food, Water And Energy In The Network Society - Alex Lightman (720p_30fps_H264-192kbit_AAC)

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