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6 Cs: Sets a clear vision - Juan Porto

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Welcome to LEAD Weekly. This is LEAD Weekly. Practical tips to help you grow as a leader. We are studying the 6 Cs of leadership through the skills you identified in the MDP survey and today you will hear from Juan Porto who began working with Back2Back in 2002 in Monterrey, one of our most tenured staff. He will be sharing with you today about what it means to set a clear vision. Hello, one of the 6 Cs of leadership is Clarity, and to establish a clear vision in my role or my area of responsibility. This skill is extrenely important because is allows me to work in a more effective way. It establishes clear information and above all, it sets healthy expectations for everyone. I learned this skill and I keep learning it. But I remember when I was a dad in the Hope Program. In the beginning my role was to invest in development of boy. When we develop within the 5 point Child Development Plan, we began to have more clarity and we had to invest our time but we still went further, and we had to establish plans and now we have a planning for each year with our MDP and other tools. That allow us to set daily goals, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. But most of all we can see and measure progress. I think this skill is very important and I want to cheer you up a lot. My suggestion is that you can find methods or ways with which you can organize your ideas, your thoughts, your activities and all those ideas you can put in order to share them with yourself and with others. So that in this way I find clarity. The role description, what is expected of you or your area of responsibility is extremely important that you review it every year, every month, with some frequency that you can be checking if there is lack of clarity. If there is lack of clarity of what is expected of you or what you expect from others, you need to communicate about this and use tools like the ones we learned in Back2Back about handling of conflict. We can bring clarity to expectations and in this way we can walk confident that we are doing what God called us to do. We constantly have to check our skills, especially with clarity. Constantly check clarity so that your role or your area, liability can evolve, we are constantly changing adjusting ourselves and it is important to check frequently here in Monterrey we try to check it at least once a year to be able be sure there is a clarity in expectations so that we can all know how to do what is expected of us and we can fulfill the vision and the Back2Back mission. Thank you so much.

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