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Mustafa Birthday Celebration I REVENGE DAY!! I VLOG # 3 I 22 JULY 2018

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Assalam O Alikum Guys.. So Here We are And this is my 3rd Vlog.. And Today is The *REVENGE DAY* I'm here with Osama .. I myself is Hamza Siddiqui So right now we are going to Mustafa's House Tomorrow is his Birthday But today we are going to Celebrate it And it's going to be fun Over Here, This is Osama.. And actually this is my Place over here.. But I'm over here with SAAD and FAHD We all guys are going to Mustafa's House And we will be doing alot of things to him You will see for yourself.. Come on , let's take you there So We are going to Mustafa's House With me the Beautiful SHAHJAHAN RANA... Shahjahan: One min..what does Beautiful mean here? So we have bought our all supplies Shahjahan: With Weapons Hamza: And right now we are going to Nazimabad No.2 Well.. It is a dangerous area but well .. for Mustafa we are going over there And mustafa literally doesn't know about all this So we are going right now.. And Mustafa's Elder Sis.. helping us..And she said us that.. You all guys come ..and beat him and Do whatever you like Enjoy it to the fullest ..And mustafa Literally doesn't really know anything about what will happen to him.. And you guys also see what will happen to him!! We will be having a lot of fun...Literally, there are so many Surprises you wouldn't have that much wide thinking to guess what we are actually going to do with him Well, He is a very old Friend.. So...He have.. ..done so wrong to us on our every birthdays So wrong to us... And the witness of both events are me and shahjahan both.. So... Shahjahan can also tell you that what done to him.. And what wrong was done to me too.. Today is our *REVENGE DAY*.. So we are going to get our revenge on him.. And Behind our car... Are Fahd Akram, Saad and Osama . . . So we all are going...And we are going to destroy him!! We have received ..These are the Eggs.. And he will be coming out shortly... And we will be hitting him very HARD! Mustafa: Everone's Birthday will come ...Just see what will I do.. Shahjahan : You wanted Water right? Hamza: Needed Water right?? Mustafa: It hurts yaar... Saad: Now he runs.. Hamza: Where will he run?? Shahjahan: He cannot run anywhere.. Mustafa: Just let your next birthday arrive I will not leave you alone. Hamza: Hahaha...I won't be here till then.. So, Guys, Right now.. we are done with Mustafa's Birthday .. He have completed the celebration..And Mustafa is taking us with him to give us treat So here is Mustafa, Let's ask him on what he has to say to the celebration we did.. These jixed people came today.... Birthday Celebration went Awesome.. They didn't think about my RESPECT... Society people were passing by and they stop to record video .. and were asking that what was going on here .. I couldn't understand what was happening there.. They beat me in the middle of the road by laying me down on the road ... These are very boor people. And it's my message that no one will be left alone... Hamza: It won't happen Mustafa: I'm coming Baby!! Hamza: It won't happen , it won't happen Mustafa: This is not my Home!! Hamza: Listen... Mustafa: Umm... I am Yummy!! So Guys it was a Wonderful Day..and we are going back to our homes.. We enjoyed alot... You guys saw how we celebrated mustafa's birthday.. And then he gave us treat!!

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Posted by: hamzasid on Jul 25, 2018

This is my 3rd vlog in which I and my friends went to our friend's house to celebrate his Birthday!!

DISCLAIMER: This video is for Entertainment Purpose. The wastage of food (eggs) is a bad thing .No one was severely hurt in any of the events occurred.

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