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First Housing Accesibility First promo

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Fair Housing Accessibility First (or F.H.A. <br> First) it is a new training initiative sponsored by the Department of Housing <br> Urban Development and the US (Better known by its acronym as H.U.D. <br> in English). This initiative aims to promote compliance with the requirements <br> Design for housing construction under the Federal Fair Housing Act. the <br> training curriculum of this initiative it was designed by a group of architects and <br> experts in the field to train industry professionals design <br> and housing construction on standards and technical specifications that meet <br> accessibility requirements under federal law During training, will cover topics <br> such as: • Summary of the Fair Housing Act <br> • Technical requirements for design and construction • Suggestions to comply with the law <br> • Types of property subject to this Act • Requirements on accessible routes <br> • Requirements for Kitchens and Baths • Applications for designs and constructions <br> future And finally, resources available for <br> Additional information and technical assistance. We encourage all professionals <br> the construction industry, official government with responsibilities <br> housing programs, lawyers, and citizens in general to register for this course for free. Simultaneous translation is will available. To learn more about <br> Program Fair Housing Accessibility First, You can visit the website: Thank you and hope you'll join us.

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Year: 2016
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Posted by: live.cis on Mar 19, 2016

First Housing Accesibility First promo

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