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Photovoltaische Quelle versorgt einfache Beleuchtungsanlage

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We will now add to this basic solar energy panel to make it a complete lighting device. To use in a weekend home, for example. To do this we need this source again. We will, naturally, be using an efficient lamp for light. This LED lamp does not produce very bright light. It is cheaper to use an energy saving lamp for lighting. This energy saving lamp has an output of 10 Watt. We won't be getting any light right now, because the solar radiation is too weak. Naturally, it doesn't make much sense to operate an energy saving lamp directly, when the sun is shining. We want to use the light at night. We can solve this discrepancy by storing the solar energy during the day, so as to be able to draw on it at night. To do this we introduce a battery. This is a a lead acid battery. You see it here, behind this component in the housing, supplemented with a fuse. This lead acid battery has the ability to deliver solar energy to the lamp at night. We establish a connection and see that the energy saving lamp here is lit with sufficient brightness. But the result is not yet satisfactory, because we don't have to use this light constantly. What's missing is an essential component. This would be the switch. The switch that we as humans use, and often also forget to turn of. Therefore, we're immediately going a step further by using a switch, which recognises when there is no one there. We can switch of the light. The is the well-known infrared motion sensor. This switch is installed in the cirucit, between the battery and the light. We are breaking the circuit here, directing the electricity through the switch, and onwards to the location of the light. Notice that the lamp dies not function like this. We have forgotten a crucial cable. An electronic switch always requires a complete energy source, in order to work. The complete energy source is composed of negative and positive, therefore we must also provide for a negative connection. Now we can see that the lamp switches on when no moves in the coverage area. The lamp is switched of automatically as well. Movement, in this area, causes the lamp to come on again.

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Posted by: manfredwolf on Aug 23, 2010

Photovoltaic Source feeds simple illumination system

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