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Hampshire County Council - low carbon building refurbishment

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In moving to a low carbon economy, the role of buildings is absolutely crucial. Working with buildings and finding a way of reducing those carbon emissions from buildings both in their construction and their use is absolutely critical if we're to meet the challenge of climate change. Built in 1967,Hampshire County Council's Ashburton Court loomed above the old city of Winchester. A monument to age when they believed everyone would drive to work and that new office buildings would be bright comfortable and efficient It was a vision that didn't last. So Hampshire County Council decided to recycle it. We believe that actually low carbon refurbishmet makes business sense for a couple of very good reasons. Firstly embodying energy efficiency in the refurb process will lead to cost savings many years after. secondly, customers such as the building's tenants are increasingly demanding low carbon buildings. We could do a less dramatic refurbishment, but we've taken the view that if you did something more significant and strip the building back to the concrete frame, you get more benefits. In the end,the reason why the CC's doing it,will be a more efficient building in energy and space utilisation. From the beginning, Hampshire involved the CarbonTrust,whose role has been to advise and integrate low carbon technologies and cultures through the Low Carbon Building Accelerator Program. It's about getting involved, rolling our sleeves up, seeing how these products actually work, learning from industry and working with industry to try and encourage managers, engineers and architects to think about the carbon saving agenda alongside other priorities for projects. What the Carbon trust have been able to do is to work with us as a team, sit back, hear the dialogue, see the dynamics and then been able to contribute by saying "Why don't you try this?" "Have you thought about that?" I think there has been too much emphasis on buildings that look green; and there are many examples of quite bad buildings that just have a few PVs or a wind turbine bolted on to the roof. It's more sensible to not require the energy than to find clever ways of generating it - just don't use it! By having air moving across the top of these ducts, creates suction inside the wind trough, which allows air to come through and across the floor platesand up the ducts which open into the wind troughs at the top. We're going to use an intelligent lighting system in this building: obviously it'll be high effeciency tubes and switchgear but it will also be linked to daylight sensors inside and outside and presence detectors. We're not trying to do something more fashionable here, just more efficient. By the beginning of 2009,the first phase had been occupied for a year, and the rest was nearing completion. We're going through this 4 stage process, that involves the last stage of monitoring the building. So not only do we look at how this building has been designed and what its energy performance is and will be, but in reality what have we actually achieved in one year of operation. It makes you think how well we're doing and have we achieved the goals we set out to achieve? There are lots of lessons we can learn to new and refurbished buildings that we become involved with over the next months and years.It's about communicating with the staff and people moving in to the building, on how the building services is designed to operate and what the interaction is. I find it quite a bright and cheerful place to work in. I like it very much. I like the open plan - it feels nice and airy. the heating and lighting work very well, we moved in last January and really we've not had any problems. It's been quite positive. It's been interesting as you work through the day to see how the lighting changes as it adapts to the outdoor lighting. I think working in refurbished building means that it's coming back to life again, rather than crushing a building and starting new, we're actually putting something in place and enhancing it for the next 50 years. It's been very good to see the building forcing changes in staff behaviour in small things but very significant things like the recycling. You feel horribly guilty with the one marked "landfill", so everything goes into the one which says "recycling". People take this project more seriously,when we say its been a Carbon Trust case study and its a partnership working with local government agencies with the objective to improve the whole built estate and improve energy, because we clearly the impact that will have. We know that commercial buildings represent a significant chunk of the built environment inthe UK; that these commercial buildings are refurbished on very regular basis. If we can get that refurbishment cycle, to take a longer term view in terms of investing in energy efficiency, green technology

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Hampshire County Council - low carbon building refurbishment

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