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Happy Gaddafi

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- Sir, the rebels entered Tripoli - Who cares about the rebels - NATO's bombing Bab al-Azizia, sir - Who cares about NATO They said that they've caught Saif al-Islam and that they'll put him on trial in the Criminal Court Who cares about the Criminal Court - They're saying that they've liberated Libya from the former regime - Who cares about Libya They say they're going to hunt Gaddafi down Who cares about Gaddafi! Sorry Dad... Who cares about me - It's work time, the time for waiting...what's the time? - Quarter past five It's work time. It's time for the Libyan people to march in their millions To liberate Tripoli from those rats... But let us for now make a tactical withdrawal What does tactical mean? Okay then sir, I'll tell the people of Lybia so they can march but you may give me the salary? What salary? I am Muammar Gaddafi, king of African kings, and of love, sincerity and loyalty Just give me the bill already! What if I give you hashich? Everyone's deserted us, Dad Let's ask the sorcerer, maybe he'll let the demons fight with us Tell me sorcerer how to let the rebels and NATO lose The righteous people became bad and deserted us. Ask the demons to help us escape or disappear From "doctor" Sliman to the sultan "Passe Partout" of Singapour The hoopla has increased. Send them the "Jdaj Maji" birds Destroy their country because of what they did. Fill it with darkness. Start with whomever you can Let the black owl hoots What is this lunatic rabbiting on about? What kind of drugs is he on? Let's buy some of it All this craziness, who's gonna live in? In vain, you try and where are you gonna hole up? The owl will hoot remorse and grief, the fast slow death will come, the tall short man will come, the happy and sad days will come back You're going to die! Die! It might be today! - Wow your words are so impressive, master - And finally, what's gonna happen? 10 Dinars, God bless you O Sultan Sankuh, let Gaddafi and his son far but close to the eyes and hard to reach for the enemies What happened?! Now you can camouflage, hide without anyone seeing you NATO missiles?

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Duration: 2 minutes and 57 seconds
Country: Jordan
Language: Arabic
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Posted by: kharabeesh on Sep 13, 2011

As Col. Gaddafi's options continue to dwindle, he consults a sorcerer as a last resort and the results turn out to be.. a bit mixed.

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