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Perfect. My name is Robert Caron. I've been with Orkin for 25 years now. I started in October 1992. I started out as a technician. I was a technician for seven years and have been a manager for 18 years now. So my career with Orkin is going very well. I love company and I love the people I work with too. . Yes, the culture at Orkin is very different. I worked for PCO and the culture was really customer focused. But I think Orkin is very much focused on the technicians, the characters, the people who work for Orkin. So we give a lot of support to our technicians and in return, our technicians give us this support. So, it's a marriage made... To angels, one could say very well. So that's why I've always worked hard for the company, because when we get back, they give us the same thing we give them. I've been here 25 years, and I still get up in the morning and can't wait to get to work. I like going to work. Not many people can say that about their jobs or where they will work. And as I say, the people who work for us are famous. So it's "fun". You have good support from them. So it's very pleasant to go to work every day. In French? Okay. I think Orkin gives us a lot of support. So, as a technician, when I do interviews for when I want to look for a technician, I look for an entrepreneur, someone who likes to have his own small business, but is not ready to make the step. Orkin gives all the resources, all the support possible. So when they come here with us, they find they have the support and it encourages them. So they feel valued, they like going to work in the morning, they are financially rewarded because Orkin also gives very good medical benefits and we have a good pension plan. We even have stock options with Orkin. So it's a win-win All the way. Here in Ottawa we have a K9 service that other companies don't have. They do, but they're not certified. So Orkin invests a lot in training and teaching K9. So, we have Nathalie here with Stella, it works very well. Nathalie knows her dog very well and how he works. Stella does a very good job of finding bed bugs. So, it's been a bit slow to start, but now it's starting to come out and more and more it's coming much better. And like I said, I think in less than a year, we're gonna hope to have a second dog here, in Ottawa. At Orkin's, there's no time to get bored. There is always something different every day, we have opportunities that come to us that we have to find solutions to solve problems. And then, as I say, every day it's a pleasure to come to work because we solve problems for people and it makes people happy. And when you make someone happy, it makes you happy. We have a sense of satisfaction. So, for that. This is another reasons why Orkin has been a pleasure for me to be here every day.

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