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Landscape Architecture Global Studio

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Daniel Winterbottom, Ass. Prof.: The intent of the design and build programs we've developed is to create models that are replicable by the communities. So we do one project every year in Seattle, Washington. It's the Capstone studio for the undergraduates. That's the project we're doing this year in Skyway, which is a very impoverished portion of incorporated King County just South of the city of Seattle. We're working with King County to create a community gathering space. (music...) Hilary Clark: I think being a UW student on these projects is giving me some great perspectives and experiences that will help me later in my profession. Daniel Winterbottom, Ass. Prof.: The second one is that we do foreign study programs that are design and build service learning. We've worked in Mexico, Guatamala and in the Summer we'll be going to Bosnia. So particularly going to places where trauma has been part of culture either through war or natural disaster. David A. Marshall: When I was working in Guatemala it really taught me. That was the first third world country that I'd ever been to. It was a shocking experience at first. The first thing we did was tour around the less fortunate areas. It was an eye-opening experience certainly. It just showed me how much more there is to do. Not just in the United States, but everywhere. We need good people that can design things that can help people. Daniel Winterbottom, Ass. Prof.: I see it as a very activist type of an endeavor. We're trying to improve people's lives and work with some of the most damaged, both psychically and physically in many cases. This is a stage you can see over here. The kids can do performances. They use a lot of theater arts in talking about peace. This is really to offer the kids skill to deal with conflict and relationships non-violently. So it deals with the fact that their lives are often very troubled. There's a lot of gang predation. Different skills can be used to negotiate it. Over here is more of a plaza. It all becomes more of a stage and seating, but it's also representative of a dialogue. Two components coming together focused towards each other where they can begin to discuss these issues and deal in non-confrontational ways of solving the problems. So the idea isn't to foster a dependence, but to educate while we're there so we can foster independence for them to excel and improve their communities. Christine Plourde: Having been a student for the past five years this has been a really great opportunity for us to actually do things. Through that we've learned a lot - a lot of hands-on experience. Daniel Winterbottom, Ass. Prof.: When you do this type of work you're not changing the world. We're trying to create models that can be replicable, but we're definitely touching people's lives, and people in great need that really often don't have a place to turn. They're just overwhelmed with the situations that they have to face. So by creating landscapes - access landscapes of inspiration - landscapes that allow people to escape sometimes from the dilemmas that they're facing rekindles their spirit, rekindles their energy. We don't pay a lot credit to that, but I've seen people worn out in life and just give up. Whether it's the fight against cancer, whether it's the fight against AIDs or a traumatic experience that they're trying to grapple with they need to be replenished in order to do it. It's a lot of work for them. So I think we need to provide the environments for that to happen.

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UW's undergrad architectural department develops projects for the local community and impoverished third world countries.

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