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KLVH-CMONICA Interview Part 3

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Moderator: So, did you... Moderator: get better or Moderator: did they get you out of the hospital or? Its not get better. When, on the time, you know, Khmer Rouge... Yeah. They don't have any medicine. Moderator: Mhmm. Yeah. They have, they make, their medicine, like put in the, the bottle, like a, coke bottle, or something like that. They make by their own. Yeah. So they give you a shot, for that. And, or they, get a, coconut juice, young coconut, yeah, and, they shot for you. So, I don't get better. And one day, uh... Jesoey came she sick too. She have wound on her leg. What they call, they call infection. Yeah. Yeah. And, she bring her down, there's a hospital, by, by, what they call, they call my town. You know? They call, what they call, Poum, I don't remember what Poum. Poum Jaloung. Yeah. After that, Jesoey, stay with Ming. Maybe, a week or something. And came, ask permit, to took, Ming or took Mak and Jesoey go back to her, Monica: to her village. Moderator: So... Moderator: So she got permission to take Moderator: from...Jesoey out? Monica: Yeah, uh huh. Take Jesoey and Mak go with her. So close to by her work. So she can... After she get off from work, she go check on me. Yeah. Yeah. On that time, Bang Leak go, stay with Mak too. Because Mak cannot, walk Jesoey cannot walk. So Bang Leak go with Mak and Jesoey. Go to stay with, to help like a, bring a water to Mak. You know? Yeah. And when my, Bang La in with Om Sey. Yeah. So on that time, we stayed there for awhile. I think about, three, four month. And later on, they send Jesoey to the big hospital. They call Poh-A-Sak, Hospital. Yeah. They call Ped Lambang. Yeah. And when Jesoey went to Ped Poh-A-Sak, they have enough food to eat. They have enough medicine. Yeah. So they send a letter, with the the people that transport, food from the uh, village, to the hospital. They send a letter with them, to Mak. Yeah. They say, "If you can do it," "you just go ahead" "and ask permission from them" "to send you to" "Ped Poh-A-Sak." Moderator: The big hospital? The hos...the big hospital. And then I, when I, the day that I feel a little better, I help them to sew the clothes. Yeah. To, you know, so I can be top with them. So they may be, you know.... Moderator: So they can send you Monica: Yeah Moderator: to the big hospital? Monica: Yeah, mhmm. Yeah. So when I do that everyday. I tried to make good to them. Connection with them, so, they can send me to the big hospital. Because in here no medicine. Only the medicine that they make by themselve. Yeah. And, I think a few week, they decide me... they decide to send me to, the big hospital. But they say they want to keep Bang Leak. Yeah. Moderator: Was she sick? She not sick, but, she stayed with me. And they say, they don't want to, Bang Leak to go with me. They can..they can stay with them. Yeah. And I'm kind of fraid too. Yeah. Later on, they gonna took her. So, I ask... I told them, I say, "You know, you can ask her," "if she say, okay." Yeah. "She can stay with you." And later on, they ask Bang Leak. They say, "Met Neary," "you won't stay with me?" Yeah. Moderator: They ask if she wanted to stay with you Mak? No, she stay, want to stay with her. Moderator: Stay with her? Monica: When they send me to the big hospital. Yeah. But Bang Leak say, "No." Bang Leak tell them. Moderator: Cause she wanted to be with you? To be with me. Yeah. When I went to, Poh-a-Sak, yeah, yeah, actually, they have, plenty of medicine. Plenty of food to eat. Yeah. But... they took Bang Leak go to stay with the what they call, they call the nurse. They provide medicine every morning. Yeah. So... Bang Leak... Yeah. They bring her to stay with them. Yeah. But... the..the place that nurse stay, it closed. In hospital too. But close, you know? So.. Mak and Jesoey stay over there for, I don't remember how many months. And... You know? I showed the, rejuke...for them. You, you make a... material and then you sew it. So, the regular, like a, its a big, you know, its, not that big. You can carry it when you go somewhere. So the day that, I feel better, I help them sew that. Yeah. So... when the nighttime, I can turn on the radio to, listen. Yeah. And when nighttime, I turn, on the radio listen, I know it. You know? Like a, they.. like a they say... where they fight. This province, and that province, so I know it. Yeah. So in one day, Om Canada, Yeah. Cheney Grandma, she told me, she said, "Both of you," "better learn how to walk." "You don't walk." "Jesoey don't walk." "So what can I do?" "When you know," "when" "the Vietnamese come in." Yeah. "I don't know which" "one I can take." "So..." "you better learn how to walk!" Yeah. On that time, I don't know how. I cannot walk! Jesoey cannot walk! No. Yeah. And later on, I learned how to walk. Like a you know, my, my knee here, it like a bend, you know? You cannot make straight. Yeah. So I, I learned how to walk every morning. Yeah. Yeah. And Jesoey learn how to walk too. So.. one day, they have meeting, they say, "Now..." "the rice field," "the rice field," "they need the people to help." You know? "To help cut, you know?" Yeah. So, the people, they got better. They released. Go help. So first time, they released the people that can walk. Yeah. And next day, they released...the.. a lil better one. And when the last minute, they released all from the hospital. Because, it almost, you know, Vietnam, yeah. VIetnam almost come in. Vietnamese. Yeah. So, later on, we go back to our, village. Jesoey go back to her village. I go back to my village. And when I come to my village for awhile... And then, you know, my sister alway talk to me. But when I come back from hospital, I hide some medicine. Because the one that they alway give me, like I feel better, like a today I ask them. I just lie to them that I have stomach-ache. I have medicine, so I keep it. And Bang Leak too. I tell them okay, ask them, sometime, like a, you pretend, say you sick and then, you ask them. So... and I keep it, you know? I have one bottle of medicine. Yeah. When I come home, I give to, my sister, give to Cheata mom. Yeah. So... my sister have medicine, so, she can exchange for food to eat. Yeah. Moderator: So... Moderator: uh, you came back Moderator: to your village or whatever... Yeah. Moderator: and um... Moderator: How soon after did the Vietnamese come in? I think, not, not long. Maybe, I think, a month. Moderator: Mhmm. Monica. Yeah. Moderator: And you just worked back in the fields again? Yeah. They send me back to the fields. And when they send Mak back to work, I go close to Bang Leak and, Bang La, they send her back to work too. What they call? They call, Koh Ma.. You know? Koh Ma Group, you know? Yeah. The young, for the young kid. Like a, around, Paulina, to about, Andrew. Or... Amanda. They have one group. Yeah. So, when, they send Mak to, field, work at the fields, it close to Bang La and Bang Leak. And one night, it... they say, they release you. Because, it, a, Vietnamese, it come from... It come. Yeah. So.. the people, run around you know, looking for each other. And then, I run. Go looking for Bang La and Bang Leak. Because, I know it Koh Ma Kong is still close to me. Yeah. On the time I run to Bang La and Bang Leak. Yeah, they come with me and I have, three or four other kid. They come with me too. Because, they don't see their parents. Yeah. When they come with me... After that, three or four kid, they meet their parent, they go back. Moderator: So its just you and Bang Leak Moderator: and Bang La? Monica: Yeah, uh huh. So... one night, we stay, over there, like a, they push you, go to the mountain. Yeah. With them. Yeah. And on that time, I talk to one woman, that she a window, she have, I think, one small kid or something, I told them, I say, "You know," "if you don't have energy, you have," "to better smart." "If you don't smart," "you don't think something," "you go with them," "you die." You know? So I pop up an idea, I told them, I said, "We cannot carry more stuff," "when you go with them." You know? "So how much I can carry?" "if you go over there," "I heard they say no water." "no food." "So we gonna die anyway." So we, we went, we hide it in a house. In case they point the gun at you, say, "You have to go!" So we go. Yeah. So we are small group, maybe, three, four, other family. They have one, they have two, you know? So we stay in there. And later on, they go. Yeah. They run away. Because they, they try to find a way to, get away from, a Vietnamese too. Yeah. So, when they left, I think the next day. I saw it, that it, like, a, you know, the Vietnamese group come. Yeah. And they say, "Don't wor...worry." "We come to help you." "You okay now." Yeah. Yeah. Moderator: So, they did help you? No, actually they just say that. But we, they say, "We," "release you from Khmer Rouge." "So you okay now." Yeah. You are safe now. Yeah. Moderator: So what did... Moderator: so you were with Bang La, Bang Leak..? Yeah. Moderator: And, where did you guys go then? And then, we just walk, with Bang La, Bang Leak, and other, three, four, woman, to go together. And later on, we stopped by the other, village, it close by the river. They call Leik. Yeah. Moderator: And, what did you... Moderator: do there? Monica:You know, we a cross the river. Moderator: Crossed the river? Monica: Yeah. I cross the river. So... one guy, the old guy, he I think, he around, maybe, he just a little younger than Om Poh. So... he help, Bang Leak, just put Bang Leak, at her, his shoulder, and then, he swim across. Yeah. Moderator: So you guys all cross the river? Monica: Yeah. I cross the river. Moderator: And then where did you go after that? Yeah. And then we stayed in, the small, like a, they plant a eggplant. Like in the farm. Moderator: Uh huh. So we just decide to live over there. You stay over there. We have, four, four family. Uh... the other one stay with, Ma...Mak... She have one kid. I think the kid around, maybe, maybe smaller than Lina. Paulina. And, the woman, they usually, they married. She know how to build, the builders. She do, just like, a, you know. Yeah. So... we build a small, what they call? they call Katoeum. Yeah. We try to find a leaf, here and there. Bamboo here and there too. You know, to make a roof to stay. And... And... actually Mak don't know how to do it. You know? Cause, I don't know nothin about that. Yeah. She.. Bang Heap, she the one who know how, to help Mak do, but we stay together. I told her, I have two niece, she have one kid. So we have, 5 people, stay in one. Yeah. Place. Moderator: And so you, Moderator: you lived in that place for how long? I think for awhile. And then Bang, Om Sey, Yeah. Moderator: So, you lived there until Om Sey found you? Yeah. Moderator: You, Om Sey found you guys... No when Mak stay over there with uh, Bang La and Bang Leak, like a every morning, Mak and Bang La had to go to find food to eat. Yeah. You have to a...cross the river, go to looking for, rice. Yeah. Or looking for some veg-e-table that they planting in the farm. So, go pick them. Moderator: So like steal some of it? Its not steal. No one owns. Moderator: Okay. Monica: The people run away. Moderator: Oh, okay. Monica: So whatever you can pick, you know? Moderator: How old were you then? I think... 24, 25, at that time. Yeah. Moderator: Kay. How old was Bang La? Bang La, I think she around maybe she 10 or she 12. She 10 maybe, yeah. Moderator: So you would go. Moderator: So, it was all woman? Moderator: at this one... Monica: One It her son, it, it boy. Yeah. Besides, that, all the woman. Moderator: So, are you good friends with this woman? Yeah, we go together. Because Mak, if without them, I cannot do it. Because, you know... So.. every morning, Mak and Bang La had to get out, from the house, go find, some food. Bang Leak stay home because she cannot carry stuff. And Bang La, she can carry stuff, but, a lil stuff. But sometime when get mad, she throw away. She don't care. Yeah. Monica: Yeah. Moderator: That's funny. And you know what? Mak cry all the time. Yeah. Moderator: Why did you cry? Because, you know, she get mad and she throw away. She walk... Yeah. And you cannot do nothing. Yeah. Moderator: So how... wait I'm sorry, Moderator: how long were you Moderator: there again? Moderator: like a couple months? Couple months. Moderator: Couple months? Monica: Yeah. Moderator: And then... Monica: We do that every morning until we serve rice about maybe 2 big bags. Yeah. Yeah. Moderator: And then, Om Sey found you? Monica: Yeah. Uh huh. And finally Om Sey found me. Yeah. And then, we are decide together to, live in bring Mak and Bang Leak, Bang La, go to stay in what they call? They call... Uh, close by Battambang. Yeah. Moderator: What is that? Close by Battambang. It another province. Yeah. Moderator: To go there? Yeah. Moderator: Kay. Monica: To go there. And we... decide to stay over there. Yeah.

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Third of four parts of an interview conducted with a Cambodian genocide survivor by Khmer Legacies.

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