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Purely Agent (POC)

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Okay, so earlier we talked for pure investor For leaders This is their bonus calculation If we look here POS & POC 90 Million, not out yet So it will come out from Total staking amount So IMD tokens will come out based on POS & POC Everyday So if we see for leaders or networkers Okay For example This is at the top An agent can only register Outside legs only Which means left and right only Okay An agent cannot register inner leg Cannot place investor For the agent here Can only place next to outer leg Agent can only place investors here The most top agent can't place investors at inner leg Okay So For example, this is the group sales total Example here group sale 50,000 And here, group sale, 100,000 Okay so Normal calculation Will be based on the weaker leg So from here We look at which package we take If we take the 3000 package, will get POC 0.15% So from here 50,000 will match 50,000 left 50,000 right Based on 50,000, will match Multiply by 0.15% (50,000) So you will get 75 IMD tokens Okay From the 75 IMD tokens here 50% will go to wallet Another 50% will go to e-token So here will be 37.5 IMD tokens 37.5 IMD tokens So what can the e-token do? So from here, the e-token Can register new member Okay And from here the e-token can be reinvest Two of the functions Okay If we look again This is for example Day 1 Day 1 received sale 50,000 left 100,000 right And on Day 2 Okay Will still get matching bonus But depending on the whole network If the whole network only withdraw Okay Meaning on the next day It will go down 1% So on the next day will based on 49,500 Right also based on 49,500 Multiply by 0.15% Because everyone withdraw If all our network and our client They reinvest Means every they reinvest It will increase 1% Which means Day 2 will become 50,500 50,500 Matching, multiply by 0.15% So everyday he will get income Until the total here becomes Zero Until here becomes zero too Because people keeps on withdraw Keeps on withdraw until zero Okay

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