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MyKabbalah Lesson 4 mission 6 Engsmall

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Embracing the Process Hi. We've seen how processes are necessary for growth. How the opponent tries to sabotage us from embracing them. And when we do embrace them, how they shorten. We learned to invite that energy that is always there with us to help us, to give us the strength to embrace those situations. Now what do I do when I'm in those situations during the day? Those annoying, challenging, difficult processes I have the proactive formula. And we're going to add one more step to it. Let's go through it together. Number 1 - when that annoying situation, that difficult situation occurs Pause - what a pleasure. It's exactly what my soul needs. 2. I'm going to acknowledge that it's the Light that sent me the situation. The Light created it exactly for me. 3. I'm going to observe how my reactive nature. The opponent is trying to sabotage and understand that the real opponent is not the problem, not the situation. But the voice of the opponent That voice that is reactive Then at number 4, I'm going to ask the Light Light, help me embrace the situation. Help me embrace the process. Give me the strength. Give me the energy. And, only then at 5 I'm going to check, what is the proactive thing to do here? When I start, like a muscle, practicing, applying the proactive formula throughout the day in my situations You'll see how to you bring magic in it. How you elevate yourself above the rational, logical, limited mind. In the next level, which is so exciting, we're going to learn how to invite the Light in every situation in our lives. Enjoy.

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