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One Day (2011)

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♪ [piano] When we were at university, I had a crush on you. (man) We've never actually met. Emma Morley. (man) I'll walk you home. (Emma) Sorry - I'm not good at this. (man) Maybe we could just be friends. (Emma) Okay (narrator) On the day they met, Dexter and Emma never imagined... (Dexter) We will see each other again. (Emma) I know we will. (narrator) their lives would intersect over the next 20 years. (Emma) I'm a disaster! (Dexter) I'm sure it's not a complete disaster. Come on, everyone's lost at 25. You're not. Trendy TV producer, nice new flat. (Dexter) You need a holiday. (Emma) I think we need some rules. (Dexter) Rules? (Emma) I'm not taking any chances with our friendship. Separate bedrooms. No flirting. And absolutely no skinny dipping. (Dexter) Woo! Come on! Yah-hah! (Dexter) Yeah, Emma and I are just good friends. (woman) Are you sure about that? Anyway, she's not my type. Which is exactly why I like her. (narrator) This summer, experience the lives of two people... ...for one day each year, on each anniversary, ...of the day they met. Do not go away! Who say tv is dead? The king of cockroach television. You're the king it. I'm so much better when you're around. (Emma) I'm going to be one of those inspirational teachers. (Dexter) Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach. And those who can't teach can go to hell! I love you, Dexter. I just don't like you anymore. ♪ [One Republic - "Good Life"] (Emma) I'm getting married. (Dexter) Yeah. I miss you, Dex. ♪ Oh, this is gotta be good ♪ (Dexter) I'm concerned about my future, it's not quite what I was expecting. ♪ It's gotta be the good life ♪ There's a word for this... (Emma) Ah - butch. What do you look like? (Dexter) A screwed up divorcee. (Dexter) I need to speak to someone. Not someone, you. ♪ Good good life ♪ She made you decent. And in return you made her so happy. ♪ Oh, good, good life ♪ ♪ Good life ♪ (Emma) Whatever happens tomorrow, we have today. I will always remember it. ♪ Good life ♪ ♪ Good life ♪ [Captions by]

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