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There she is, Sakura Yes, there she is You are very tired after having fought in the battle for the magic stone with the neihboring kingdom In this ball all the people are using masks to participate in it Please have fun in this ball your majesty Thank you very much, however, dancing is not one of main specialties Don´t worry, the best way to learn how to dance is having an expert companion that will guide you Go To dance! I can´t as much as I want, I can´t dance with a stranger and also, I am very worried about the fate of that magic stone The story says that the one who owns that wonderful jewel will be the owner of a great power, my kingdom has been in a long battle with the neighboring kingdom for that stone How I wish this battle to end probably it would be better if that stone disappears rather than if a kingdom has it, in this way, all the problems will end You are right I think the same as you Who are you? In this ball is not polite to say our names Right To tell you te truth is the first time that I come to a masquerade ball me too Oh! I was busy all this days that I had forgotten all about this balls Today my subjects forced me to come, and that is why I am here Mines asked me too We hate battles this is our first ball don´t you think we have much in common? yes Would you like to dance with me? But.. I am not good at dancing me neither I´ll probably end up stepping on you Well then I will try to dodge them to avoid that to happend the play has already begun Why are they dancing so close? It looks like Syaoran is taking his role very seriously yes, a great atmosphere is being created I didn´t know that you were the prince of the neighboring kingdom which we were fighing againts Princess don´t cry, a smile looks better in your lips Excuse me for making you sad But... I cannot longer hide my feelings I want to tell you I want to tell you That I have fall in love with you I can´t I can´t answer to your feelings in this moment Perphaps, I don´t sympathize your majesty? Is not that Is..not.. that... Great, the play is being perfect in this moment I think that... No I can´t say it I don´t think this feeling is the most appropriate far less in this situation whatever you do forget about me forever, don´t search for me again I want you to erase me from your heart and thoughts Princess! What is happening? Are you alright?

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Posted by: sakura_no_yuki on Oct 24, 2011

Sakura and Syaoran

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