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Work Sucks

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any free society should be based on the concept of voluntary action but voluntary action alone does not lead to free society voluntarism has been popularized by the concept that you own your-self if you own yourself then you should be able to sell your time body and hance your liberty the problem with this argument is that you don't own yourself, you are yourself to say that you own something implies that there is an owner and a thing that is owned you can't sell your labor because you are your labor otherwise people would go back to sleep when their alarm clock goes off while their labor goes to work well the arguments of self-ownership sounds interesting and even implies the concept of liberty the reality is the opposite the very idea of self-ownership turns people into commodities, it strips the humanity out of humans, people can now be bought and sold in the marketplace on a larger scale, the commoditization of human beings had striped humanity out of society lead to land scale to void of human qualities any people completely alienated from each other a society in which we exist in invisible cages the commoditization exploitation of people has always existed but it was capitalized by frederick taylor and his theory of scientific management in the late eighteen hundred's taylor complained that workers were lazy and can produce exponentially more by tough management he studied the motions of workers to find out how to increase their productivity it turns out that if an employee perform the same task over and over then he can manufacture more product anyone who refused to conform to taylor's methods were fired and had their wages reduced soon a new class of managers emerged while the highly experienced labor force was transformed into unskilled workers It was taylor's believes that all would be benefited by his methodology to his surprise, with the increase of productivity and profits the workers' wages were stagnant and even decreased scientific management along with a new class of managers quickly spread to all sectors of the economy all of society, the schools, the workplace, the government could be turned into large assembly lines the fast food industry today epitomized taylor's legacy behind the counter, kitchens are geared so the worker doesn't have to move or even think each person performs the same repetitive task endlessly like robots the factory of yesterday has been transformed into the high rise on the cubicle the factory foreman has been replaced by the suit and tie almost every job including office work has been reduced to monotonous task typing, printing, going to meetings and generating reports that no body reads It's all the same everyday these dungeons, stress, fluorescent lights, phony smiles, Monday tasks we were told that if we went to college, we would be marine biologists, psychologists and writers with the exception of the few, nothing could be further from the truth the average student debt today is over twenty three thousand dollars all those wont to be artists, sociologists and investigative journalists have been part of the reality of the cubicle not for their choosing, because they must pay back their loans these people will be herded into sterile offices like animals because the world doesn't want truly creative people the private sector needs people who can write memos, push papers and calculate profits and losses the manager is well imposed work tempos, production quotas you punch in, you punch out, surf the internet, you'll stay late you'll day dream about what life could have been because this isn't living. this is dying while the government is usually blamed for limiting the individual freedom nothing attacks human liberty and sovereignty more than the workplace a person can buy you and extract your labor an entire system of auto-surveillance insures obedience to your superiors regulations are all prevailing we are told when to show up to work, when you can leave and what you must do in the meantime they watch over you, inspect you, spy on you they punish, forbid, correct, assess, number and abuse you are told what to wear, you are trained how to talk and you are forced to compete with other workers when you talk back or make a mistake you can be disciplined or scolded as you are an infant to paraphrase bob black: discipline is what the factory and the office and the store share with the prison and the school and the mental hospital it is something historically original and horrible it was beyond the capacity of demonic dictator such as Nero, Genghis Khan and Ivan the terrible for all their bad intentions they just didn't have the machinery to control their subject as thoroughly as modern despites do this is a complete annihilation of human dignity transforming people into prisoners even the most totalitarian states never had this much dominion over their subjects we used to get injured on the playground now we get occupational overuse syndrome, musculo-skeletal disorders, repetitive strain, tendinitis cervical radiculopathy, Ulnar entrapment we have problems with the eyes and the spine that even the best doctors can't figure out dysentery lifestyle is the new trend along with its legion of diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity performing the same task day after day, week after week, year after year is an assault on the human psyche nothing can be more detrimental to human growth, creativity, personal progress, than the tedium of the work place when the person carries out the same monotonous job, they are naturally drained of energy at the end of each day it's no wonder then that the average person spends over four hours a day watching television consider that we spent eight hours at work eight hours sleeping after preparing for work, commuting to work and eating at home we only have five hours for ourselves, and four of those are spent in front of the television we actually live in a society that nurtures, maximizes stupidity and studs human potentiality repetition is the enemy of every worker the chains of humanity Yet it's the liberator of the business executive and the managers instead of using technology to free individuals as it could be the private sector has turned people into gears and into commodities while they are the beneficiaries these people make a living off of our lives, striping us of our dignity, stealing our meaningfulness and seizing our assets project Taylor's legacy has become ubiquitous at the last one hundred years, his methods have been studied and proved and refined with immense precision scientific management is today's god its technique has saturated everything our schools, our workplace, the intelligentsia, the government and even our lives are regimented with this insanity we can see it all around us, in the cars we drive, in the advertising we see, in the government that doesn't work and in the homes we live when something is so pervasive, we become entangled in its net everyday is the same, a repetition with no end drowning the person until they feel like they are living in a dark haze underwater we were told that if we work hard enough, we could experience the American dream what we weren't told is that there isn't one and there never was one a new reality awaits our young where wealth and inequality has been celebrated and diefied yet Inequality has created the separation of power, and power more than anything else limits liberty the workplace needs to be transformed, not by deskilling labors as Taylor did instead we need to liberate workers every employee should have the opportunity to participate in a variety of jobs from manual to intelligent labor workers should have equity in the workplace so they can call it their own they should not be perceived as mere auto meter or commodities on a factory line but as living beings, we should be building technology to liberate not to enslave All tedious and unwanted jobs should be reduced or automated most of all, we should be producing not for the market, but for people it is important not to completely dismiss Taylor and his methods productivity is important after all both the US and the Soviets under lenin use Taylor's methods to pull themselves out of the dark ages however, there comes a time in every society to transform such barbaric and childish techniques with moderation and compassion that time is now we can not talk about liberty, if we can't even mention the place that we spend a third of our life "but it's voluntary" you say, that is always the answer repeated and repeated "it's voluntary" "we live in freedom" no, we don't live in freedom we live in invisible cages, we live in slavery while it is true that every free society should be voluntary voluntarism is not enough labor should be humanities highest aspiration, the basis of one's dignity until the day comes when the thinker works and the worker thinks free intelligent labor can emerge and humanity can once again be instituted

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Work Sucks

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