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Sometimes you may wake up at 3 in the morning in a sweat having the worst nightmare of your life. They ask me to imagine that as every second of every day. Sometime they can't run away and this is their coping mechanism. Bad things are happening so what do you do? You do dope. Bad things are happening. Why? Because you're doing dope. It really breaks my heart when I think about the things they had to do. The vampires in the night and they're there. Always there. People ask, you know, why do you put yourself in danger? Why would you spend hours from 1 AM to 3 AM doing all this, when you have to be at work the next day? It's about people. And I really believe that's what McKesson's about. [JAMES LEBROCQ, SENIOR MANAGER, MARKETING & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, MCKESSON CANADA, MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO, CANADA] We're about better health. We're about extending people's lives and the quality of their lives. And that's what drives me, because, these people need help. [OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS, JAMES HAS SPENT COUNTLESS HOURS OF HIS FREE TIME MENTORING FOUR PEOPLE OUT OF ALCOHOLISM AND OPIOID ADDICTION.] I offer to help with things like finding them a place to live. Helping them with the bad influences that they had from certain people, and really get what they wanted out of life. I was there at the methadone clinics on Sunday mornings bringing them in, and I could see the people in the winter coming off the street in flip-flops and t-shirts. And I thought, you're going to die of exposure when you're trying to save your life with methadone. I had a dream that if I could win that McKesson Community Hero Award, that I could help those street kids. [ONTARIO ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTER] In Ontario and throughout North America, we're describing this as an epidemic. We don't have all the solutions. [JEFF SPENCE VP, COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, CANADIAN ADDICTION TREATMENT CENTRES] We're part of the solution to a very complex problem, but it takes a community. And again, Sanguen, that's exactly the kind of thing they try to do, bring food and medicine and Naloxone. That's what I'm trying to do with this grant, is get those street kids some winter gear if they need it. They have little to no income, and they do without food, they do without places to live, they do without clothing. Sometimes when we get out working in the van, it gets as cold as minus 20. Being able to provide a pair of warm boots [COLIN MCVICKER, PROGRAM DIRECTOR, SANGUEN HEALTH CENTRE, RECIPIENT OF MCKESSON COMMUNITY HERO GRANT] or a warm jacket for the winter is massive to our people. [MORE CANADIANS DIE EACH YEAR FROM EXPOSURE THAN ANY OTHER NATURAL EVENT. 74% OF THOSE DEATHS ARE PEOPLE LIVING ON THE STREET.] It's lonely. No one cares about you. And it's cold! Being cold, that will break you mentally. ["ALEX" RECOVERING ADDICT] When you actually have a jacket on you look like a regular person, you know. It makes you feel more human. I don't have very many solid father figures in my life. James helped me out a lot, taught me that I'm worth it, like I'm a human being that's deserving of compassion and stuff like that. Like I deserve those things in my life. That's like a big one for me. [BECAUSE OF JAMES' EFFORTS, 100 PEOPLE LIVING ON THE STREET WILL RECEIVE WINTER COATS AND BOOTS. JAMES CONTINUES TO MENTOR ALEX AND OTHERS ON THEIR DIFFICULT PATH TO SOBRIETY.] Many years ago, I went out with somebody. As it turned out, this person had a drug habit with opioids, and I didn't accept it, or face it, or try to help them. And...and that person killed themselves. It indelibly put in me that no matter how icky it is, if we can, and you have the time, help. When I can help somebody save their life and maybe go on a different path, help their friends, their kids, people they know, then that's a legacy. [LEARN MORE ABOUT MCKESSON'S RESPONSE TO THE OPIOID CRISIS AT MCKESSON.COM]

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