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Ah, then, my relationship with Franco begins with my father and his father. [You have to talk to them] Yes [and then I'll translate] So, my relationship with Franco begins with my father and his father, many years ago. Over 50 years ago. Over 50, with my dad and his dad. Then, Fanco and me, we hope that our children my son, his son, will continue this. Stop. [Laughing] Thank you. Go. 8 minutes. [Speaking dialect] So, we add water because there is a cloth there is a cloth over it, a sheet a cloth, over it we soak it, so when we start the fire, the fire can't lit because of the moisture, and it smokes. So, at least 7-8 minutes No, we give it to them later. So now the smoking starts. The smoking has started. Fix it otherwise it will make too much smoke, come on. [Unintelligible] After the smoking we will eat. This was the traditional technique to preserve mozzarella. We will make mozzarella later! Like that. Ok. This, this water, goes...there. Cream, butter. This, from here to there, comes here. Butter. Cream. Cream, butter factory. The cream goes to the butter factory, and they make butter. But we still have to show how, we have to show you that mozzarella from here, from cold water, goes in the brine. Ok, all right. No, we give mozzarella in their hands, we make them eat mozzarella. We need to have you eat mozzarella from your hands, it has to drip. Beautiful. Thank you for joining us, and see you soon. It has been a honour, a real pleasure. Thank you. Ok, tomorrow. Bye. Thank you. Ok. [Laughing] Ok.

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Posted by: uglybro on Mar 31, 2016


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