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Fashion designer

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It takes a lot to be anything, and it takes a lot to be fashion designer It takes a really strong sense of self identity, strong individuality... there is in life, of course, in general, also for professional design particularly if you want to be success I thing... both creativity and business wise. There are certainly many many paths to be a fashion designer, there is no one paths... and there is no wrong way of doing, that really. assuming you are someone exposed to the world, so... what does it takes you to be a fashion designer? I think really explore life, that tree dimensionally life, go out and look things, architecture, art, parks... the interior of your car... anything is interesting in crikey, you never thought to look at. I think some others trips to that you need to have... to be a fashion designer or entrepreneur in general are time management skills... and you need to be artistic, after that it just takes drive and persevering. The characteristics that you need to have in order to be designer... will be persistent, faith in what you are making, belief in your company... sense of humor and just to know that´s going to be very hard. In terms to working for largely tailor that definite personality traits that you need to have... you need to be flexible and open minded, and willing to change... because changes happen all the time, and there so much when you are looking for a large company that you can´t control, but you have to be ¨ok¨ with that, and be available to adapt very quickly. You have to be driven, I´m to very passion about be creative person... and making closer, making to this order design. That has the business know how, so you have to be available to communicate... and schedule, and manager your time which often time is very difficult... difficult for me too, as a creative person it is not always something I am in the best set... but it is something I´m always working on. So, I think in order to be successful in a fashion designer... there is an obvious ones creativity, wanna understand trends, a passion for fashion... but it also there are basics you really need to available that manage... project manage. You need to available budget, understand what your cost with the time... how much give you really paid your self in a hor... when you have the opportunity to bring in help or assistant... and what´s that mean for you battle line in how do you make that works... how do you manage that, delegated work, in say: ¨ok, you get the zipper... as you get the hands¨. Really this point and all together for my self, I do all my own marketing, so this is another piece, I created my website and work with graphic designers to have my logo made and all of those pieces pull it in, photo shots. so there´s a lot organization that goes into as well I think for adding, just persistence and that it you need to continually be making... a work and put in all there, until that, for me a individual designer not working for a company that I´m continuing to put of fresh ideas and people expect that.

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Posted by: dahaj on May 21, 2013

what you need yo be a fashion designer

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