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Hey, er... Let me, er...I can turn it up a little bit here. I already turned it up some... I can see. The meter's right there. - Go on... - Actually, play what you're gonna play, Robert. A little bit more. Just a touch... Actually, that's good. Give it all you got. I can't get those little Bs in there, though... Let's check it, anyway. OK. The second one? The real question there, Robert, is whether, you know, that's like an idea. I think the p bass is a cool thing to do. But you may know, may have to deal with, you know, setting up a specific...amps...and stuff for that... 'cause that doesn't sound high as a p bass. It doesn't sound very exciting right now. I think it's a cool idea, but we have this here for now. OK, we... You know...I like what...I mean, I really like what we laid. So... - Leave that in for now, and this could just be like there as a... - Yeah. Good. So we're gonna go back to four. definitely missing, isn't it? Yeah. It is. It's kinda cool having it there for... - So that on there, I mean it's...not a very exciting p bass... - Yeah. What we could do is turn up the transmitter and put that on. On this, you might actually have to go to an old-school...OK? Yeah, and dial it in that way. It might be boosting the instrument more than it's...supposed to be getting out of the amp. It's just a totally different instrument. It's not the... Like, the amp settings and stuff are not... - We were trying to... Like, I turned the amp way higher. Way higher... - Yeah.

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Posted by: brynarth on Jul 28, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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