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interview with Melissa

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Good morning, Melissa. - Good morning. I'd just like to ask you some questions, so we can introduce you to our students, is that OK? -Yeah OK, great, OK. The first question is, so where are you from? I'm from London, in England. Great, OK, and what are you studying? I'm studying modern languages, so that's French, Spanish and Japanese, Japanese, that's interesting! - Yeah And why did you decide to do your internship here in Zaragoza? Well, Zaragoza is really well-located, it's right near Madrid and Barcelona, and you can explore the whole of Spain from all through those places, including Zaragoza. So that's why I chose to do it here. OK, great, lucky for us! And what are your first impressions of living in Zaragoza? I think it's really lovely, I love the people, they're very friendly, and the size of the city is perfect, it's not overwhelming, so when you first arrive you feel like you can manage it, but also there's lots to do, you don't get bored, really quickly. OK, good, well, I hope you enjoy your time here in Zaragoza. And you've been observing some of our classes during your first week here in the CARLEE, in the new languages center, what are your first impressions of our classes? I think they're really nice, they're like…very, very proactive, so I don't think students ever have a chance to be bored or not doing anything, they're always speaking, and they're always participating, and I really like that. OK, great, OK, and are you looking forward to meeting your students next week? Yes, I am very much. - Good, that's great. And, apart from teaching, and learning about some educational experiences here, what else are you hoping to do while you're here in Zaragoza with us? I think I'm hoping to travel the most, I want to explore the different parts of Spain, eat lots of Spanish food, just get a taste for the, you know, for the Spanish culture and stuff. OK, great, fantastic, and one final question: Can you explain about how you got in touch with us here at the CARLEE? - Yeah - And how you found out about this opportunity so that other people who might be interested can do the same. So I was looking for a teaching placement, and I'd been looking everywhere online, and paper sources, then came across an advertisement that Natalia put online, so I got in contact with her by email, and then we discussed things from there on Skype, and… yeah, now I'm here. And here you are, and lucky for us. Thank you very much, Melissa, we're really looking forward to working with you. - Thank you.

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Erasmus intern

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