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When what you Dream comes True. Sadhguru

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see about dreams becoming reality one part of it is there are various aspects to it, we'll just handle two aspects which are relevant to you right now one part of it is in the subconscious mind I think we looked at this some time ago because there is no the time and space thing becomes fluid what is then is now so there is a perception of it its not because you dreamed it became a reality because it already is a reality it's happened this you know there was a very interesting situation that happened in a certain physical research laboratory in england this laboratory known as the D'Labor laboratory which is among the premier physical research institutes in the world they developed a certain photo film you know photo films come with different levels of sensitivity like 100 ASI or 200 ASI whatever they developed a highly sensitive photofilm so they want to just try it out, loaded it on a camera took it out into a garden and there, there was a rosebud so they just went and took a picture of the rosebud they wanted some subject so when they developed and printed it they found an image of a full-blown flower they just couldn't believe this they thought they could have made a mistake and took the picture again and again and they found everytime a full-blown flower not a bud because when the bud is there the flower is already there in a very subtle way see in many ways, it's always true with life but, getting it on a photofilm was an incredible thing we're always aware, that's how it is but getting it on a photofilm is another thing that is one aspect because of time and space mix up you're seeing certain things another aspect is because you once you see it once or twice, then somewhere inside you are becoming like an know? that's human mind that you would like to predict the future of the very world itself and there is a part of you there is always a part of this in every human being which tries to look for things it may be unconscious but there is something in you which is looking to see, isn't it there in everybody? trying to have visions and wanting to know what's going to happen tomorrow this kind of thing so once you start, the mind starts projecting and it projects best when you are half asleep, half awake kind of state when it starts projecting now you imagine something but you make it a reality tomorrow, that is also possible I would say at this stage in your life don't attach any importance, even if a few of them come true...ok? not all of them are coming true just a few are coming true even if they come true, don't attach any significance to your dreams because it's like a pandora's box if you open it, you can't handle it so much will come out of it you won't be able to handle it it's better it's shut just with your logical mind and a little bit of, you know looking at life you can handle your life quite well you don't need visions to handle your simple process of life

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 17, 2010 Sadhguru explains that in the subconscious mind, time and space become fluid - what is then is now. Because it's already a reality it has already happened. (SaO94)

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