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Original Risitas,with english subtitles! Very Funny Laugh in TV Show!!!!

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Riot released a new game mode called oneslaught I see, how many times have you played this game mode About 400 games From the morning to the night That is a long time I know Why do you play this game mode? Odysessy gem the gem and the accomplishment, knowing that you have done the 2 augment mission Dont you feel like you are wasting your time? Absolutely not Are you sure? Am i sure? Listen to this guy, do you think i would play this mode if was unsure Sometimes i sit up at 5am and queue up with 4 idiots to find out that they picked 3 or more augments so we have to remake and waste our time What about normal or ranked games? I played one ranked game with my friend yesterday, i went jinx toplane with black cleaver Then liandry's torment Liandry's??? Yes, liandry's when i ult them it gives me more damage and burn them when i ult Do you say so? Yes, yes After i die in lane i go back and rush deaths dance it is very helpful becasue it gives me cooldown reduction and when i ult it heals me over time I see We lost that game so hard, our team had 3 kills and the enemy team had 42 But that was ok, we went back to oneslaught and played it for 5 hours We lost every game we played in the second floor because of fucking velkoz Q's are way too op And you cant dodge them unless you have a dash Not only the velkoz Q's, the fucking sandstorm follows you around the entire map The only way to win the second floor is to collect ORA, (xp) but my team just dies instant All i see if my teammates dashing away from the sandstorm and into the laser that deals 20% of your healt in one second All i hear is "WE HAVE LOST A CREWMEMBER" "SOMEBODY SHOULD PATCH HIM UP" So i have to run over there and revive them And i just end up dying because they die inside of 200 monsters. After losing 50 games in a row my back hurts so bad. So we have to take a break And im sitting there like I keep telling them i have prolaps because i keep carrying them every game Yesterday our friends came to our house to game & chill I gave them my computer so they could play some oneslaught One of them is trash at the game And the other one have not played For a long time So i told him that you wont be able To do the 2 augment mission But they wanted to play anyway x2 Are they stupid? Just bad Both of them are Silver 2 Does the rank matter in oneslaught? No, no. But when there are 2 silvers Plus 4 other random noobs Look at the audience they are low elo too Oh sorry, sorry. Just because of i talk shit about silver elo It doesnt mean everone just many of them You get me? So back to the story They start a oneslaugt game, and die within the first wave of monsters. And starts to use excuses like "why is the flash on D" Like he plays with flash on F We made him log into his account and start a custom game to check his summoner spells And guess what we see The flash is on D And we start laughing at his face So he almost starts crying While the other one is looking more and more depressed for losing games I tell them, hey you will never win with 2 augments, atleast try with 5 augments first then maybe 4 then 3 then 2 but no. they wanted to play with 2 Because i know how it feels to lose alot of games, i was sitting there with my challenger friend Watching 2 silvers try 2 augment mission 2 augments 2 augments Me and my challenger friend coudnt do the 2 augment mission And they think they can do it 2 silver noobs and 4 randoms They coudn't even do the 4 augment mission and they are trying to win the one with 2 augment And the best part is watching kachel's depressed face They were sitting there all night and wasting their time playing that shit mode After losing 30 games they gave up And all that time was wasted

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Posted by: taylur2 on Sep 22, 2018

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