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Cogumelos Mágicos podem desbloquear a depressão? | Rosalind Watts | TEDxOxford

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[Music] this is Kirk he suffered for depression talking therapy and nothing helped in given psilocybin also known as magic depression free this is Ben he suffered that time he tried everything CBT group to him by his doctor and nothing helped since that time he has been depression depression gone but in the last year he course he's flown on a plane for the and social life are flourishing I can't mushrooms are an illegal psychedelic magic mushrooms you might think of the thinking you can fly you might think of magic mushrooms did to to bed into Kirk to ask the question what does this do that we can't I'm a clinical group at Imperial it's a vibrant group these very unconventional questions in a Carhartt Harris he's a pioneering David Nutt who is a world-renowned cut through ribbons and ribbons of red psilocybin for depression study last with treatment resistant depression a therapeutic setting now the numbers remarkable we kept seeing these drops in psilocybin treatment over and over again right down much bigger reductions in to see in trials of conventional talking therapy the depression scores staying down six months after the dose symptoms of depression three of them there were small reductions in their for 11 their depression was greatly the symptoms of depression started to very disappointing but with every day they have some unpleasant side and they are a palliative treatment not were seeing immediate reductions in that last four months without side the root causes rather than just relentless haunting affliction Winston patients in a study called it a concrete of prison they had tried between three therapy and opted sorry three and eleven talking therapy but nothing had released prisons of depression and they're not epidemic of depression it's the number will affect everyone in this room either and we don't understand depression we despite enormous scientific endeavor we cure we don't really understand it it's different factors and when it hits it or it can be just a shroud that kills illness that we can just test for and how to unlock depression the key is for each person so in our study we were psilocybin on the patient's brains so it flexible hyper-connected you could say study we did these brain scans and we we also in Crete included a symptom symptoms were going right down but that know from patients in their own words psilocybin doing so we interviewed them analyzed the interview traps transcripts psilocybin was doing but before I guess should clarify what a psychedelic unconscious mind to become conscious up over the course of life but then has see it emerges like you it's kind of back of your wardrobe and it emerges it embody it memories emotions pain love and demands you feel it it can be beautiful patients in our study types of experience so firstly visiting about your life negative patterns and connect these experiences of harmony and they would have all three experiences in here's our treatment room and you would the patient they'd be given ice shades music and just surrender to whatever sessions with the therapist before safe but the therapist doesn't structure content in any way but there was a beginning a middle and an end and a flow other in the most sophisticated way as excellent therapist now in my previous would provide him talking therapies in for my patients and think how can I help how can I help them get a different compassion or some motivation for change but it's all coming from the therapist outside of themselves and it's sometimes psilocybin sessions I was witnessing healing the ideas all came from inside transformative because the lessons were therapists there is themselves so the psilocybin did like a broken can I have another click coming up but I'll tell you what it says inner unlocking so patients described inside to being emotionally liberated avoidant of emotion to accepting emotion when stressful or painful painful things emotions were distance or suppressed suffering it's seen as a weakness in boxes Sam remembered growing up and to suffer in silence and many of the deal with their feelings because so much many years of hurt they just didn't have had many different ways of avoiding through food through television through antidepressants which didn't really work just none the worse of the pain but they many of the patients described feeling described experiencing trauma in their had never been able to process it or their psilocybin experiences they were where's doing Oh John here John he had his psilocybin dose he saw a great big all of his pain and shame that he'd and he grappled with it it was extremely session he was able to unlock that box powerful many of them cried for the experience of accepting emotion and just hours what you would often see in six of therapy and now the second theme is going from disconnection to connection a gradual turning inward slowly becoming love from your identity and becoming trapped in a small corner of their minds thinking attacking them all the time and reconnection so been described it this the hard drive on your computer I mind I witnessed it as it was all put being defrag how brilliant is that and and I ruminate less and other patients different way some described it as the John said it was like turning on the mental reboot they were able to connect their their self their identity Kirk life and they could connect through his wife for the first time in seven teenagers again many of them felt a see nature as a thing like a television and they connected to a spiritual them overall they went from being so altered states of consciousness have of years around the world but the and we're excited to be doing a bigger carefully we don't know so much about it so we're treading carefully and we're five years about how and when psilocybin could revolutionize mental health care these superficial treatments short-term help nothing had ever helped because their pain and in this epidemic of need so many people need help and the treatments and years and years of that if we incorporate psilocybin into therapies I used to work in that we can more powerful its supplementing therapy out of your suffering rather than just unlock depression the answer is no it's it's the patient the mushroom just shows [Applause]

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