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Hey there. My name is Allison. Today I'm going to show you an unforgettable way to present a fresh fruit salad for a stroller-themed baby shower. Here's what you'll need. Gather your materials together. It's time to build a stroller. Take your watermelon and cut a thin slice off the bottom so it remains stable on your platter or serving tray. Wrap a rubber band around the length of the watermelon. Then wrap a second around the width of the watermelon slightly off center. Starting where the two rubber bands cross, make horizontal cuts around the watermelon using your knife. Follow the rubber band and do the same along the vertical rubber band. Remove the big piece on top. Next, scoop out the watermelon with a melon baller to fill the stroller later. When you have enough melon balls, finish cleaning out the cavity with a large spoon. Now that we have the stroller body, let's add the wheels. Take an orange and a lime and slice them into four slices each. Stack one orange slice and one lime slice on top of one another and pierce with a toothpick. Now repeat until you have four wheels. Attach the wheels to the watermelon carriage and cap off each wheel with a raspberry. If you like this fruit stroller, stay tuned for our stroller diaper cake tutorial at the end of this video. Next, take your cantaloupe, peel off the skin, and slice it in half to use as the baby's face. Slice a grape in two for the baby's eyes and use a watermelon ball for its nose. Stick toothpicks into the cantaloupe half where you'd like to place the nose and eyes. Attach the grape halves and a bit of watermelon onto the toothpicks. You've got the baby's face. Cut a small triangle into the cantaloupe half where the baby's mouth should be. Fix the pacifier into the triangle. Fill the watermelon carriage with the rest of the fruit. Make use of the rest of your melons by scooping them with a melon baller, or simply slice up the fruit into cubes. Then place your cantaloupe baby head inside. Display the watermelon stroller on a platter with fruit surrounding the bottom. Isn't this a sweet way to present a traditional fruit salad? Your guests will be talking about it until the real bundle of joy arrives. Click here to watch the other videos for this stroller baby shower. To earn points on every Pampers purchase that can be redeemed for amazing rewards, be sure to register on

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