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Danse à deux temps

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Time has a memory. It takes shape in the dance, in the air of a melody, time of a moment, moment of a lifetime... - Hello Elsa. - Hello Paul. - It is nice the accordions on the show in the window. - Ah, do you think so? - A bit symmetrical. You could place one and put know… ...the type of drums which you also have? The circus’ drums. - Ah, yes, yes. - No, but the accordions are nice Oh, how beautiful it is ! It is splendid Paul. Have you just gotten it? - No, no, it is an old piece. - In any case it's full of dust. "The Cumparsita tango", do you dance the tango? - Formerly... It is an old story. - And does it work? - Yes, yes. - And how much is that worth a piece like this? - However, it is not for sale Elsa. - So, why is it there? Well, be nice, could you please put it away in the back-store? - Ah, Paul. How can you sell all these items as you are so attached to them? - You ask too many questions, Elsa. - Because you have too many secrets, Paul. - Elsa? - Yes. - Take this. I have to be away for a few hours. I leave you that, you know what to do. - Yes so... - If you do go out for lunch, don’t forget to close the shop, all right? - All right. - Have a good time. - See you later. - See you later. - Setback. - Are you sure? - Well... here it is Sir! - Rider on an edge is a dead rider. - Ah, what do you say? - So, what are you doing? - You don't want the revenge? Paul, it's only a game. - Well done. - Miss? - Excuse-me, we are closed. - Yes, I know... but it's for my music. - Wait, I'm going to show you. Hold me this, thanks. - Look at here... - Mine is missing. - But wait. This piece belongs to this accordion. - And then, we are closed. - Do you like dancing? As dancing the tango? - Ah, no, I do not dance. - Do you know, the tango is like the life. A sad thought which is danced... - Well, I have to go. - Adios. - Thank you ladies and gentlemen. - A small coin please. - Sir, a small coin? - Hey, but wait! Sir ! - Miss, a coin for the tango?

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Duration: 13 minutes and 7 seconds
Country: Switzerland
Language: French (France)
Genre: None
Producer: ESBA
Director: Anouk Dominguez-Degen
Views: 140
Posted by: noukinha on Oct 4, 2011

Fiction, 14 min. 2005 / Ce jour-là dans le tram, Elsa remarque dans la foule un homme particulièrement touché par le tango qu’interprète un musicien de rue. Portée par la musique, elle imagine l’origine d’une telle tristesse et se laisse entraîner par ses rêveries…

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