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Moko & La Lune Capricieuse

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One night, Moko had decided to observe the moon it rose on the horizon and looked like a ball of light that moved slowly above the mountains "this is strange" ; said Moko usually the moon is crescent-shaped tonight it is so big that it seems that it will land on the ground Moko started walking towards the mountains ... "the sound of a monkey" " maybe I could touch it" he said! ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫the sounds of wildlife but as he was able to move towards the horizon ... the moon was going up in the sky. Moko ceased to move fowards, he said that the moon was probably shy and did not want to be approached. he decided to observe it quietly from a large bush "sound of a Monkey falling into the bush" but tired from walking, Moko was not able to resist sleep. the moon, it continued to cross slowly the starry sky ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ sound of wildlife after few hours, Moko woke up. the moon had disappeared ... "I could have not fall asleep, the moon ran away" disappointed Moko turned around towards this village suddenly, a small crescent of light appeared over the hills "there goes again the moon" :said Moko, but it has changed size it is too small, I can not wait it while he said this, the moon changed color. from a silver light, it becomes golden as the evening sun " this moon is too capricious" he said so Moko continued on the road to his village when he reached his home, the moon was still there, as if it had followed him and finally had to stop above the roof of his house at his window, the moon slowly emerged as to keep him company "well, moon, you love to show off ... I understand better why, some of us call you the sky dancer" when the moon is high in the sky, it seems little to us . but when it decend, compared with trees and mountains... it seems to enormous, this is actually an optical division and if the moon changes its position in the sky, shapes and sometimes, colors it because it revolves around us and with it we turn around the sun. the more it rises, the better it receives the sun's rays and we see better. it is otherwise when it decends. we barely see it .. when it is not saddow by the earth , the moon appears perfectly round and entierly whole and lodging, as it passes behind us the earth shadow it until it sometimes dissapear from the sky.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 12 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
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Posted by: pamela1108 on Oct 8, 2010

Wonderful French Animated Series of Moko, L'Enfant du Monde

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