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Simple Present in ASL

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Hi. My name is Mr. Orange. I am bright orange because I have many, many habits--many, many actions, and a lot of energy. I like to move around all the time, but I can be quiet too. I have busy habits like walking, running, and jumping, eating, and swimming, but I have quiet habits too, like sleeping, talking, or napping or sitting. I can do both. But I love to talk about all different habits. I can talk about anyone's habits: mine, yours, his, ours, anyone's. It's my favorite thing to do. Now, I have to let you know: I have a confession. What is it? I have different personalities. If I am with YOU or by myself just us alone--only people I know really well, like you and me, that's all--then I am calm and nice. If there are many people like a large audience, I get nervous. I tend to get really shy. But if I am with just one person whom I don't know very well or who is just a friend or acquaintance, not really close With that one person, I become mischievous. I'll show you what I mean. What I do is I keep a secret object in my pocket. If I see one person alone, I tend to run up to that person and throw something at them. you'll see. What do I do? I be come mischievous. If I see just one person (it might be a a friend or just someone alone), I become both mischievous and brave. I keep something in my pocket. I'll show you. Ha! Did I scare you? That's my what usually happens when I talk about just one person. Remember, I am fine if I am with me or you but if I am with just one person who I don't know, or with HE, SHE, or IT or whatever that one person is, I become devilish. I'll show you. With I and YOU, I am comfortable and calm. With WE, THEY, or many people, I feel nervous. With these pronouns, I just go ahead and say my word. I could say, for example: jump, eat, or run. If I see just one person and I don't know them or they are just alone, I become devilish. I use my snake. Here are the snakes. But I admit that it is hard to have to draw snakes like that, right? Drawing like that is a lot of trouble. So what do I do? See these here? I switched the snakes and changed them to S's. An S looks like a snake, right? Now I'll show you what I look like as an orange rod. I am added under each verb. This shows you clearly where the verb is. I'll show you again what my personalities are. With I, YOU, WE, and THEY, I am a good boy. I am either shy or calm. With HE, SHE, or IT--one person whom I don't know well--I become mischievous and use my snake. The snake really means an S. If you see an S: like HE jumps, SHE jumps, IT jumps, the S represents the snake. It makes you scared, right?

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Duration: 7 minutes
Year: 2012
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Dynnelle Fields
Director: Dynnelle Fields
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Posted by: dynnelle on Mar 24, 2012

The story of SImple Present for habits

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