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02 03 VRT First seizure

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Okay. SEB: So, how does it work? This is the foil paper, right? This is the foil paper. They do burn the foil paper. So, they put a little bit of Yaba tablet out here on the foil paper. SEB: Wrap tablets? Wrap tablets. They burn it and they try to inhale it. The vapor. The vapor of Yaba. SEB: Okay, and there's a pill. The red pill. Yes, there's a red pill. SEB: Some kind of Amphetamine or what's the substance? Amphetamine. Here, you can see the burning. SEB: That's what they're burning. - Yes. It's all about this. SEB: And they use this as a pipe to inhale. - Yes. It's a small kind of innovative idea. Another innovation. SEB: Is that the mold? - Yes. Someone is disturbing. SEB: So, this is basically how people are using the drug Yaba. SEB: Amphetamine derivative and they found the tools but they haven't... ...but they haven't found the drug itself. And these are the foil papers. They actually keep here. SEB: So, they're burning.. - Yes, burning the drugs. The imprint of the burn. SEB: So, how do you know this house was the place where it's used? Basically from sources, based on information. From reliable sources. We actually raided the area and we found it. SEB: And you haven't found any of the actual drug here? No, not the actual drug, we've found the elements of drug addiction. Her husband is actually engaged in this kind of drug addiction. So, her husband is.. SEB: The gentleman here.. SEB: These are.. - Yes, these are all the basic... ..components. Very innovative. SEB: Okay. So, with this innovation they try to have their drug addiction. SEB: So, what are you gonna do from your side about this? SEB: You've found the tools but you haven't found the drug itself. -Yes. SEB: How do you move forward? We're not actually doing anything to the- how to say it.. ..we're actually getting justice to the guilty person. SEB: Okay. - As the guilty person is nowhere.. be found, has already escaped the scene, so that's why we actually ..called the matter here. SEB: Okay. So, we'll have it as an example of Yaba addiction. SEB: As evidence? - Yes, I'll take these as evidence. SEB: The husband, are you going to wait and find him on a later time? - Later on we will conduct a raid. If we find him, we'll then bring him in to book. SEB: How much drug use is there in this neighborhood? How extensive.. SEB: would you say it is? The number of people who are involved in drugs? The number of people can vary. From, let's say, 100 to 1000. Depends on Yaba.. SEB: All these houses around us.. SEB: how much do you think.. how much of the drug is there in this... SEB: ..kind of a neighborhood around here? SEB: Is this a place that's very.. -It's very popular for drug dealing. For drug trade. So, it may vary from 100 to 200. 200 persons. SEB: Okay. So, let's see. We'll move to some other places so that ... SEB: So, all of these houses that found are basically from sources... SEB: from intelligence, you've got reports that they are involved. -Yes, we actually are working based on sources. SEB: Thank you very much. Can you stay there one second? SEB: So, when you're making these investigations, the next step... SEB: Say, the husband was here, you'd arrest him or give him.. SEB: ..some kind of a fine for using the drug? What's the.. - As because the guilty person is not here.. ..we can not give him a proper justice. So, that's why we'll come back later on, if we find him we'll.. ..we'll definitely bring him in to book. SEB: Okay. You'll arrest him? - Yes, I'll arrest him and... ..I'll sentence him with some kind punishment. SEB: What kind of sentence? Like Jail time? -Yes, we do have a specific law. Specific rules to, let's say, to control them. To control the drug dealers and whoever is drug addicted. So, later on if we find him we'll.. ..definitely take him into our justice. Under formal justice, legal procedures. SEB: Awesome. Thank you, that was great. So, let's go. SEB: Thank you. -Okay, take care. Bye. These are the bottles. So, this is the tube. So, through this bottle they actually inhale. SEB: That's all the way around here. The vaporization of Yaba, Amphetamine. So, this is the actual mechanism of this. Of Yaba intake. One tablet that is equivalent to 0.1 grams. So, we can simply, how to say..

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