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Jacque Fresco - Nothing Things (1979)

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See? If you get out get out all that shit, including the ego value, I can warn this faster than you. If kids says this to you, that's right, what is your problem? So what? But kids argue, they say pick it up, that is what a baseball game is. Fully grown human being running to the field with a ball, isn't this amazing? That attracts so many people? Sports is insane. It is designed to occupy the time that humans would might begin to ask questions. Ball games, football, baseball, basketball, all ball games, bowling, was designed as religion was designed. So that people, when they have their day off, they used to say came "How come the king has 42 rooms, a thousand better sustain that?" so they arrange back seems to people go to, when they have the church there, day off. And then they arrange community singing, and dancing, fulfilling time off, that is what dance is about. The rock concerts that takes all the young kids and move one place to another, is a nothing thing dancing, you have to think about it. What is that shit? Is nothing at all. Do you understand that? Now, a man came from Mars, and so lot people moving around, and you see, and they say what is that? That is dancing. Yes, but what is it? And you include your kidney around functionality, I don't understand it. Do you understand? It's a nothing thing, like religion, is a nothing thing. Okay? Now society is value (?) from nothing things, and nothing words, and that world that actually know meaning, that's why semantics is very necessary. Semantics deals with the meaning of words as people use them. People would use words, and they draw different influences from words that we use. If I say I would like to see a world in which everyone lived together in peace, we work constructively, (?) you never see that happen in a thousand lifetimes, you would assume you are a scientist when a person just study all human systems, and found that can not be arranged. That is not true, it's just a worthless opinion, okay? Now, it is possible for man do almost anything. And so, before going into the subject of space colonization, I wanted you to know that the approach was a little different that you have in of though. So, it seems to me that, if we want to do any under sea exploration, as you see photography up to a point, right? You know you can run by sonar devices, mechanisms under the ocean, clown warm, pick up core samples, without putting a person in the equipment. Is that all right? Then you know you can put stereo cameras on there, put lighting in, all kinds of underwater sonic testers, transmitters and thermograph. You don't need a guy in the apparatus, all right? When put (?) in outer space, and you are a (?), or you want to make metals that do not sink to the bottom of the tank, there is no flotation, and you want to make pure metals, you want to make developing new metal or chemical technology, or electronic technology. In space, free of gravity, and relatively (?)sterile on the environment, you can do a lot of fantastic chemistry and genetics engineering materials, is that right? Okay. So what you do is space station on Earth, the same that was out there, you put humans of them in it, and they meet all(?) the devices, you know what I mean? And that moves up there by putting people out there. Out to see (?), there is no need to. You see? Now, if you want to fly out of space, and stop there, you get the feeling something else, but there is no need for it There is no need to put a guy in the ICPM, you know what I mean? I want you to Russia. I don't see any need for aircraft carriers, at all. With the new type of wave generators, they generate 1000 feet, including the aircraft of submarine. This was in the old days, meaning 10 years ago, they could produce thousands of tidal waves with each bomb. So, what are you afraid for? Apparently, the bureau of naval operations that either comprise extremely stupid people, with lots of contrasts on people, but it makes no sense to me. Now, I tell you something else that you did not know about. About 25 years ago I were holding about used to have 'Ground Observation Core' do you have any handle of these words? They were good citizens, probably american leaders in another civilization, use to stand out corner of that (?) , and looking for an aircraft, and then standing out on the sea, and those days you only did some hundred miles an hour, you know what I mean? So by the time you spotted an enemy aircraft, and the way you give the alert. See, gone. You got that, what the hell is the 'ground observation' for? And then was selling little shelters that you put underground on the concrete, in the went you there doing a nuclear raid, and the heat... Would you come out, -what you get? It never come out, because the heat from your body, the heat of the bomb would put some moisture in the body to blow you to smithereens You see? This things are all done by insane people. And I want to say it again, if you were in naval operations, the CIA, the FBI, there are extremely stupid people, they were generated in this time. Their point viewpoint is constricted to this time. Therefore, if you turn a congressman or politician, you bounded with a lot of hot air, because there is not any information in their language. So, I guess I said many times before, you have enough bombs that destroys many times, so the problem is the system, it's just good business, for sure. Intelligence: Okay, I don't know what you are talking about, but, we always stick (?) about going to station bus. You talk about, in the future, the rule when we get together. So, that you said that there will be war as I see it today, and you don't see it happening because such radical change, you know. Yes, many would have this affected You said, you considered possible slow revolution toward, because right now those during (?) German corporation, that were suppose to hire volcano that japanese contractor put upon station looking at any crew. So, all of the real powers on all the countries could get together and design one, and that was almost tie it together, you know, would be a world that we would see work together... -Yes, that was a good trend, I agree with you. -Okay, and the... That would be an useful trend. -... because of the space, and the space you talk about also self sufficient cities, where everything we see would be all food processing, you know what I mean? You have all of that on. Yes. And about the space kind, you know, 10 thousand people that proves that can be done that, once the thing was occupied, you know, couple of billion of human need, you can regard that, you know... -It can be done. You don't need people out of there. -But people don't understand that. And they say that can't be done, over this. It's possible to... (Jacque Fresco) But that is not a technology problem, because technology says what you want, do you want a nuclear weapon, and then make it. And you want an automated mechanism that photographs Venus or Saturn, you make it. And if you give them money to do it, they will get it. Now, whether will be another men on Mars, or the Moon, is another question. And the use of value of these question uses. Intelligence: They will, and the question is that they will drop into (?), well. -You see that the world might be operated greatly by public opinion. You would remember that most of the newspapers are controlled. Now, the president of the United States really doesn't make any decisions. Neither does the CIA. A lot of people don't know this, they think that the CIA, or this, or that. There is a group, and that is a, we call them the 'unholy three' the banks, mass (?) industry, church, there is a group that really controls the United States. They have, they make policies. Made in turn what have to be done to suit their established other things. They want to keep things this way. In order keep things this way, you get up and tell children, you know, and say what is the greatest country in the world, well, I don't know, and you proceed until telling your country is the greatest country in the world. When I worked for an aircraft company years ago, we used to sing a song about Douglas aircraft. "We worked for Douglas, I'm proud of it" We have the Douglas bowling team, there was a Lockheed bowling team, you know what I mean? Whatever you are interested in science, you don't wave the flag, I go water races, I (?) many (?) that comes in, you know what I mean? When I go to areas, there was a Japanese planes or German planes, I'm interested in technology, not the god damn American or some sort of idiot, or things that way. All right. If you can understand what I am talking about, it means that we are interested in technology as a service, to serve, this is what technology means, to me. Technology is extensional devices. Now, there is (?) have these kids, I don't know if they still exist, rather (?) run on this, and have a handle on this or handle that, in two (?) and grab something far away, and squeeze it, and it goes forward, did you have seen that gadget on? That was called, in the early days, you never saw that? Extensional devices, you can extend. The telephone is that. You can call a friend 40 miles away for what he told. The telephone is an extension for human systems. Therefore if someone says we have too much technology, give them the old book lined it up, you know that, and need those scratching the records. And there are such things, too much technology. There isn't such a thing as negative aspects of technology, would be not planned harness and waste, will be unutilized and dumped over the rivers. That is not technology, that is stupidity. So if people start turning against technology, you have a disaster ahead. What people have learn to do is learn how to understand what it is that forces technology, in such as proposed stupid direction.

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A clip from Fresco's Classic Lecture Series- (3a.) "Controlling Behavior" June 16, 1979.

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