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5.Honesty- You Better Believe It! - Video Contest Winner

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They are so many in the world, who do not seem to know or care about right or wrong. I wish to speak to you frankly, about being honest. Honesty is a moral compass to guide us in our lives. However, the push to excel in secular learning, sometimes tempts us to compromise that which is more important, their integrity and honesty. Cheating in school is a form of self-deception. We go to school to learn. We cheat ourselves, when it costs on the efforts and scholarship of someone else. A friend related this experience, while her husband was attending medical school. My husband had worked hard on his studies, and, went to attend his first examination. The honour system was expected behaviour at the medical school. The professor passed out the examination and left the room. Within a short time, students started to pull little cheat papers out from under their papers or from their pockets. My husband recalled his heat beginning to pound as he realized it's pretty hard to compete against cheaters. About that time, a tall lanky student stood up in the back of the room and stated, "I left my hometown and put my wife and three little babies in an upstairs apartment, and worked very hard to get into medical school. And I'll turn in, the first one of you who cheats. And, you better believe it." They believed it. There were many sheepish expressions. Those cheat papers started to disappear as fast as they appeared. He set a standard for the class which eventually graduated the largest group in the school's history. In reality, we are all getting in competition with ourselves. Others can challenge and motivate us. But, we must reach deep down in to our souls and call forth our God-given intelligence and capabilities. We cannot do this, when we depend on the efforts of someone else. Honesty is a principle. And, we have our moral agency to determine how we will apply this principle. We have the agencies to make choices. Ultimately, we will be accountable for each choice we make. We may deceive others, but, there is one we will never deceive. All of us can climb high when we honour every form of truth.

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Posted by: pgtranscribes on Apr 13, 2015

5.Honesty- You Better Believe It! - Video Contest Winner

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