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Conversation with George Kavassilas : 16 August 2010 : 1 of 12

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A conversation with George Kavassilas August 16th, 2010. Presented by Dina. So we´ll continue our questions with... -She is here as well. She would like to ask her own questions, but later on. Say hello. -hello. -Hello, darling. -She is really happy to participate on that too. -Yeh So, we´ll continue with our questions about our structure, and how we come to be here on Earth, and all the details you would like to share with us today? -Sure. What happened was, when um, our reality gets created, I think I explained quite a bit of that in my last DVD that I presented out, Our Journey and the Greatest Secret on Earth, and the reality gets created from within the fabric of space time, and the vibrational code goes out to all reaches of the universe, and that goes out really on many levels before it actually gets manifested into being, so a being would volunteer, so the planet is manifested by a particular being, a particular consciousness, and obviously the planet, also the being that is a planet, has to communicate with the being that is the star that is going revolve around, or be the star system or the solar system that it´s gonna be a part of, so you know, that is very important too for people to understand that. So, the reason I´m explaining this way is because it´s important for us to know how we have come to be here on this planet. So, our consciousness, for us to have an incarnation somewhere in this galaxy, our consciousness enters through the center of the galaxy and then goes out into the galaxy. It´s the same for a star system, when a being is going to incarnate into a particular s. system, pick a star system, Sirius, Arcturus, anywhere you know, Alpha Centauri, whatever, this one. You enter into an agreement with the being that is the star system, and also the being that is the planetary body which you will incarnate on, so your consciousness enters through the star and then goes from the star out to the particular planetary body that you are going to incarnate onto, so therefore, at the why we are here, the why we have come to be here is our consciousness has entered through the sun, then goes to the core of the Earth, and then comes into our bodies, so that is the natural organic flow, like if I am going to go with my consciousness out into the universe, then what happens is, I go first down into the core of the Earth, then I flow out to the core of the Sun and then I go out into the universe, that way. So that is the natural flow of energy into each one of our... but this is for people who are an organic indigenous incarnation of the solar system, this is not the same for walk-ins, this is not the same for hybrids, this is not the same for these types of beings. So that´s the natural order, and the natural flow of energies into us, and when I meditate I bring my energy by the sun, the Earth and then into my body. You can bring it directly if you want. but you´re not consciously aware of is that´s the way your energies flow into you anyway. That´s why there is this really interesting campaign on the Earth at the moment to turn you against the Sun. Because that makes you... it´s designed to cut you off from the natural costruct the natural flow of energies. That´s a big warning. And I´m not into Sun worship business of ancient gods and all of that... I´m not talking about that. I´m talking about just the natural organic structure of life. It´s very important for people to understand that the identity of the Sun has been hijacked by false gods and I think it´s important for people to know that. Because they use the Sun, the representation of the Sun, for their own purpose. So people are getting confused... Yeah, and I told you. And there´s... I´ve seen a few documentaries about at the moment, which talk about the Sun being a... there is some sort of ancient plan to do with the Sun and Sun gods and everything, and it´s all negative, it´s all dark and it´s apparently really evil. So, it´s a very... people aren´t seeing the bigger picture, they don´t understand that the identity of the Sun has been hijacked, they are just seeing the drama. So, I advice people to think big, think beyond that drama that they are seeing, and when I do hear stories of Horus and stories of Ra and stories of, oh I don´t know... Buddha, I mean Buddha was the walking incarnation of the Sun, the symbol that was used by the Nazis, that´s actually a spinning vortex, that´s a symbol of the Sun. I would say to people, "just get your awareness to think big, don´t get caught up in the drama". Because there´s a natural order to things, there´s a natural order to your own construct of your existence here, and so you have a very intimate relationship with this planet and obviously a very intimate relationship with the solar system. And for you to exist here it has to be that way. But the y use the symbols to remind us particular things happening on the Earth, and that`s why we´re very confused, the symbols have been used for certain purposes. -Oh yeah, the other thing in religion, you might have heard, the symbol of the holy trinity, and I just wanna explain what is my interpretation of what it truly means because there is the father, the Sun and the holy spirit, which is supposedly the feminine, I´ve got to say that the incarnation or the manifestation of mother Earth and father Sun is an aspect of the universal consciousness manifesting itself as the Sun and the Earth. If you take that relationship into consideration, if you look at the relationship between those two bodies and then yourself, that creates the holy trinity, so everybody incarnated here is in the process of achieving the holy trinity. So, you can´t get a television and plug it into a giant 33.000 volt powerline, can you? Because it´ll just blow up. So you gotta step energies down. So for us to start reconnecting with our greater beings and the universal consciousness and beyond that, then we gotta take steps in making that happen again. .So, you into the core of your being, and... don´t take my word for this, when you start going inside of you you´re going to discover this for yourself anyway. It ends up being this wonderful holy-trinity connection between the Sun, the Earth and yourself, and when you take that relationship, you expand it, it ends up being, the father aspect, the expression of masculine energy in the universe, the expression of feminine energy and yourself. And, I think what the great man, Jesus when he walked the Earth was trying to tell people that there´s this holy tri-union, this holy trinity that is happening in everybody -is a part of that, it´s not just him who was the Holy Trinity, you´ll come to realize that if you´re to become a Christed being, or a Buddha or a Krishna, you have this Holy Tri-union taking place between you and these two aspects of the Universal Consciousness. So, really, you are the Holy Trinity, I´m the Holy Trinity, everybody who is walking the Earth, if they were aware of that, they would understand that they are the Holy Trinity as well. -That´s very clear... -Yeah. It´s about that relationship, it´s about understanding that relationship, ...and in an organic manner. I´m not talking (about) gods, worship, religious structures... If you understand that the galaxy is a manifestation of the feminine expression of the Universal Creator and want to facilitate, you know, bringing everything back into oneness, like I said, our galaxy is a fractal of the universe, really all the galaxies being represented in one galaxy and then you have the Solar System compressed down into one planet, it just makes sense, that´s all.

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Conversation with George Kavassilas : 16 August 2010 : 1 of 12

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