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Presenting a Course

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[MTS SEADRIVEā„¢, PRESENTING A COURSE] In this video, you'll learn how to present a course to a group of seafarers. In order to do so, your account must have presentation admin permissions. Let's get started. To present the course, sign into the system and click the Courses tab. Here, you'll see a list of courses to pick from. Once you've decided which course you'd like to present, click the course image. You'll then be taken to attendee selection page. Here, you can select the people who are in the room who will be watching the course. Use the dropdown to select people by the group they belong to. For example, if you're presenting the course to new hires, we select the New Hire group then select the people in the group. If we accidentally added someone, click the X next to their name and they'll be removed from the list. Once the attendee list is ready, click the Start the Course button. We're now ready to start the course. Click the Play button. Once the course is completed, you'll receive a confirmation message. If there's an exam, click the Take the Exam button and complete the exam. Each exam in the system consists of five randomized questions pulled from a pool of 10. Note that the exam should be completed as a group as all the users will receive credit for its completion. At the end of the exam, you can review the results to generate certificates for each of the attendees, click the View Certificate link. Click the Download Certificate button or used to dropdown to download an individual certificate. That's it. The attendees have received credit for completing the course.

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Presenting a Course

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