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My name is Naquibullah. I am 35 years old. and . . . my two sons have autism. and with autism. . . those who has children who has autism, the impact of this is huge on children, regardless of how old the children are, They behave like little ones, express themselves as little ones This creates a lot of work for parents. Parents need a lot of hard work to cope with this. NDIS is a government agency that support the families who have issues with autism. and provides teachers to these families so they could educate their children with autism. So that whatever childish behaviours the children show that needs work, could be treated. the child could feel he/she is no longer little. This is a huge support to parents. If NDIS was not there, child would have been left alone everything would have been left for parents to do on their own and would have been very difficult. If we were not in Australia, I would have had no knowledge of autism. We may have thought the child may have some mental weakness, some people call this child crazy and that the child has a disability and finished it at that. The child would not have received that much support we currently get from NDIS agency. If we have not had the facilities available to us that we have in Australia, and we were in Afghanistan, it would have been difficult for me to know how to treat my children. since we did not know and would have felt child's attention would be somewhere else or maybe the child is crazy. Would have thought of different names for child's condition thinking the child may have this or that issue. The child had to deal with all those issues, But thanks to Allah (God) that we have the facilities here and we have this opportunity in Australia to register our children with this agency so that they receive support with their behaviour in the community as well as educational assistance. The children who have autism in Australia are looked at in a good way and receive extra attention and that they are in need of support and have an issue, this is a common matter. People do not consider this a shame, but deal with it as common concern. Those children who have autism are no different to other children, this is the way they are created by Almighty Allah (God) so' however they were created by Allah we need to look at them the same way. We have to expect from them to the level of their ability and people expect them to preform accordingly and treat them well. People should not look at them negatively or consider them any less and pay more attention to them. My friend who lives in Australia has a child who has a disability. He called to ask what he should he? I spoke with him and gave him the information I had. Regarding autism, in Afghanistan people do not have accurate information about it. They as I said before, look at the child with one mindset, and that is, the child is disabled. The problem with a disable child is, when he become an adult marriage becomes an issue since people would not look at a disabled person with respect. In my opinion if a family has an issue or observes an issue in their child like a disability or autism or something else, then they can see their family doctor or they get information from their children's school on their studies to see how they are at school and look out for any signs and if any issues, they could talk to their family doctor or could also take the child to children's hospital in your locality, the hospital could do the diagnosis. Whatever sign and weaknesses you see in your children, share with your family doctor, hospital or school and they can guide you. If your child has autism, do not feel hopeless. do not panic, relax, you can talk about this, there is good support available and you can take advantage of this assistance. We came to Australia in 2014 from Kabul Fortunately my children had the autism diagnosis Unfortunately we did not know about this at the beginning and after two years we got this information that our children have this issue Fortunately we are taking advantage of the facilities and my children are improving day by day.

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