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Camouflaged Curses

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Hello to whoever it is that's watching this video right now... So while I was in Toronto I visited some family. We started to have quite a few conversations and seeing as there were kids around us, I started to notice something really weird. We'd be sitting and discussing something very adult-like and they'd want to throw in a conversational swear word. ...but then Dumbledore petrifies Harry and throws the cloak over him ...and that's why he can't do any Da-da. Cookie! Just one second sweetheart, I'll get that in a second just let me finish this story for 3ammo Lugua. Sorry, where was I? Yes, in the book, Dumbledore petrifies Harry, then throws the cloak over him and that's why he can't do anything In the movie, he's under that trapdoor or something? I'm like... What's up with that? That's a total bunch of... phooey. See, I have absolutely no problem with people trying to hide these ... ... curse words from the children. The only thing that kind of bugs me is instead of paying attentions to the actual conversation. I start to tune in to my own world and try to figure out what that swear word was supposed to be. "A whole bunch of 'fuck'"? No. "A whole bunch of 'bitch'"? No... "A whole bunch of 'shit'"! Ahh! Yes, that's it. Okay. "A whole bunch of shit". Alright, I can listen to you now. Go on. Does this ever happen to you? And if so, what words do they use? If any of you were wondering, I'm officially back in town now. And regular video posting, hopefully will start to resume And I thought I'd just share with you: I had so much fun. If any of you are thinking of going to Disney World or Universal Studios, I highly reccomend it! I got some pictures; just take a look at these here: This is Geoff, my Mom, my Aunt and my Cousin on Maid of the Mist. And here I am in front of a man-made waterfall at Niagara Falls... And while we were in New York, we watched Lion King and that was so amazing. On a side-note, look at what Melissa got me back from Nova Scotia! Moo! I might just wear it in my next video. Thank you very much for watching, Youtubers It's nice to be back, and I'll see you next time. Bap!

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Posted by: lugua on Aug 3, 2009

*Video Contains Foul Language. Blah Blah Blah*

Hope you are all having a fantastic summer! It's been quite a while since my last update.

The bit at the end was something I did in between takes. I found it odd, and figures dotSUB would love it...
I need to work on my "baby" act...

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