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3015.TSD How to Live Safely with a Home Oxygen Supply

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Hello. Oxygen is present in the air, but you need even higher levels of oxygen to help your breathing. There are a number of oxygen delivery systems available such as an oxygen cylinder which contains condensed oxygen, and oxygen concentrators which condense oxygen from the surronding air. This video will show you how to live safely at home with any of the oxygen systems that may have been supplied to you. Concentrated oxygen is highly flammable and can cause fires to start very quickly. And whenever you use home oxygen, you will be surrounded by an invisible cloud of very concentrated oxygen, which gets absorbed into your hair and clothes. This means that if you get too close to a heat source such as candles, fairy lights, fires and gas cookers, or an electrical supply such as ovens, hair dryers, straighteners, and curling tongs, a fire could start very quickly in your hair and clothes. Therefore, you need to take some extra precautions. To keep safe, you must follow the 5 Oxygen Safety Steps every time. Turn off your oxygen supply. Remove your mask or nasal cannula. Move at least 10 feet away from your oxygen source, into a well ventilated area, such as a room with open windows. Wait a few minutes for the cloud of oxygen around you to disperse. Only then can you use hot or electrical items. In addition to following these general safety rules there are some other precautions you should take. If you have a wood burner or fire in your house, you should keep your oxygen source, tubing and yourself, at least 10 feet away if it is open, or at least 5 feet away if it is enclosed. We also recommend that you do not use vaseline or oil-based gels on your skin and lips because they can ignite spontaneously. Ask your pharmacist for water-based alternatives. And remember that the plastic tubing that connects the oxygen source to your face mask or nasal cannula can act as a tripping hazard, so do be careful. As you can imagine, smoking with either cigarettes or E cigarettes creates an even bigger risk, and smokers are at the highest risk of starting fires. Therefore, you must always follow the 5 Oxygen Safety Steps and in particular, you must remove your face mask or nasal cannula before smoking. The plastic tubing acts as a fuse and may also cause the oxygen supply to explode. Of course, the best thing to do is to stop smoking. If you want help with quitting please speak to your GP or a member of your care team. We strongly recommend that you speak to your local fire service shortly before you start using oxygen at home. A fire safety officer can check your smoke detector, give you safety advice and document that you have an oxygen supply. In the unlikely event that you do have a fire, the fire service need to know about the increased dangers in your property. It is still possible to go out and about with oxygen. Portable oxygen cylinders will last for about 2 hours, the same as the battery life of an oxygen concentrator. Plan your trip carefully so as not to run out of oxygen, and remember to keep your oxygen out of direct sunlight and away from intense heat, including the boot of your car. Before arranging a holiday, please speak to your GP or specialist, to see whether it is appropriate for you to travel, and if so, where it is safe for you to go. For holidays in the UK, speak to your oxygen supplier before you go to arrange a supply of oxygen at your destination. If you are travelling abroad, contact the airline, train company or cruise ship, to discuss their policies relating to oxygen use. Oxygen therapy is a wonderful treatment and can make a big difference to your quality of life. But remember to use it safely to protect yourself, your family and your neighbours. If you need extra support and advice about your home oxygen, you can speak to the oxygen supply company or your care team.

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