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Slowly slowly I started weed. It was started with weed first. ..Then Phensedyle. We used to do business with Phensedyle. Then..It's like...100 grams. By licking it and having it as an hobby... ...I went upto 25 grams. Inhale,inhale [Inaudible] There are many stories regarding this. The boy from the house of the .. ...Zamindar here... ..From that old house. <i>How much do you sell them for?</i> [Inaudible] <i>Where do you get them from?</i> We buy them. We buy them. We don't sell them. <i>So you buy them at a low price and then sell them?</i> No.No.We don't sell them. We just inhale them. SEB: What does it do to you? SEB:What does it feel like? SEB:Can you ask them to tell me what that feels like? SEB:Ask them to tell me what it feels like. SEB:What does it feel like? SEB:What does it feel... SEB:Describe it. <i>Brother.</i> <i>Brother,can you tell us how you feel?</i> <i>Just tell us about the feelings.</i> Feelings?If you don't have them... <i>Brother..</i> huh? <i>Will you tell us how it feels?</i> Hey,I am not afraid of anyone. I just told you that.. ..I will tell you everything. It's English. I could say a lot of things in English. But i have forgot some of them now. So,today I'll speak in Bengali. <i>How do you feel?</i> So,when I have them... ...The pains I have then decrease. I mean,my anger,pain,trouble.. ...The reason i was angry... ...A lot of things happen there. Everything was out of curiosity... ..first I saw my friends having them Then we started having them as well. At first it was weed... ...Then the whole area,.. ...Phensedyle,the cough syrup... ...Used to come from India. We used to sell it to MItford... ..Only we did the business then.. ...Our uncles. SEB:How much money can you make.. SEB:From selling it? <i>How much money you made then?</i> <i>How much income did you have?</i> A lot of money. That's it.You say and I will listen. So,some of us used to... 3 or 4 or 5000 taka everyday. And used to waste about... ...5000 taka everyday on these. Then one day.. ..all of these got destroyed. A committee was made from the area.. ..They destroyed everything.. ..They signed a bond and closed it.. ..Then,what we did.. ..Sugar.. ..Brown sugar. That brown sugar destroyed us for good. The whole family,relatives, to all we became... ..The person to be hated. SEB:What do you think about this crackdown? <i>A movement on anti drugs community is taking place..</i> <i>...what are your thoughts..</i> <i>On this?</i> SEB:What do you think about the crackdown? Those who are doing.. ..Anti drugs movement... SEB: Can they evict the drug dealers? Why is this movement taking place .. ..Here and there?.. ..Now it's happening on Bangladesh. But the number of yaba that is.. ..Present still now.. ..It will continue for one year.. ..But still won't end.. ..I can guarantee you.. ..Cause I have information. The yaba present in Bangladesh.. ..Still now.. ..One year,you understand? ..It will stay for one year.. ..Still you can't finish them. How can you evict it? <i>What's the reason behind it?</i> <i>What do you think?</i> SEB:Do you guys feel like, you're gonna be targeted? A few days ago I heard that Rohingyas had come here.. ..Here in Bangladesh. They gave them shelter. DO you think there is no criminal within them? Some criminals had come here. They have come to the similar country. The thing it used to be, is not the same anymore. It has now become a replica. Do you understand? We've become used to it by taking it frequently. We know this very well. I think it's being made in Bangladesh and.. ..It's not coming from Myanmar.. ..It's coming from Bangladesh. Myanmar can try to close the border. Nothing can stop it. SEB:Do they feel like they're gonna be targeted has he talked about that? <i>No,he's saying how he gets it.</i> SEB:That's fine.Ask them, do they feel like.. ..they're gonna be targeted?.. the part of the crackdown?.. ..are they worried about that?.. ..being targeted? <i>The police can cause you trouble.</i> If they do something I'll tell the truth. I don't fear telling the truth. I don't fear the truth. I'll say the truth.. ..That.. ..Many renowned ministers are behind this... ..It they weren't.. ..The amount of drugs present in Bangladesh.. ..Won't finish till 2 or 3 years. It doesn't matter. It's just the mask shown in the front. I don't support any parties.. ..The opposition party or anything, or the leader that's present. I don't support any parties. We want to change our life .. a new way. That's why I'm saying that, It's impossible to evict drugs. If it's evicted, There will be chaos in bangladesh. I may write it down for you. <i>He's saying..</i> <i>That it's not possible..</i> <i>But he could be targeted.</i> <i>If he's targeted, he will tell everything.</i> <i>To the police.</i> <i>So it doesn't make any sense.</i> <i>Because the minister and powerful plotters are behind it all.</i> <i>A huge amount has already been stored...</i> <i>..In the country..</i> <i>..That the country will need one more year..</i> [inaudible] <i>So,he said..</i> <i>It can never be stopped.<i> <i>It can't ever be stopped.</i> <i>He can write it down</i> <i>He can challenge it</i> Do you have any other questions? SEB:How about this.. SEB:..Sorry again. SEB:It's been over 150 people killed SEB:as a part of this crackdown. SEB:What do you think about that? <i>Brother,so many people have died</i> <i>Almost 200 people have died</i> <i>What do you think about that?</i> <i>They have been killed or what?</i> SEB:What's really going on with that? SEB:Is it about the drugs? SEB:Or anything else's going on? SEB:What do they think about this? SEB:Cause it was supposed to be targeting them. SEB:What's the reality? <i>200 people have been killed..</i> <i>..In crossfire..</i> <i>..Many more have been captured.</i> <i>What's the main story?</i> <i>Did the original criminals got caught,or what?</i> No original criminals were killed. The people who did business.. ..They were also not killed. Maybe two or three were among them. The other fifty were outsiders... ..I mean,others. The people who do business.. ..Are in a comfortable place.. Just like a king,in the parliament.. ..And the innocent people were killed. They want to evict the opposition team. Terrorism.. ..drugs.. ..all of these. I'm saying this using my intelligence. <i>He's saying</i> <i>..Original people aren't targeted.</i> <i>The fifty percent could be the..</i> <i>..Trader or abuser..</i> <i>Rest of them are not really involved.</i> <i>So,he's really...</i> SEB:So he's agreeing with what the wise people are saying? <i>He said he can challenge it..</i> <i>..because most of the people..</i> <i>..were behind the drugs.</i> <i>Basically..</i> <i>..many of them are in parliament as well.</i> SEB:How extensive are these drugs? SEB:How many people are using these? <i>How many people use these?</i> <i>How many people use yaba?</i> How many? As I found out from the medical.. ..people go there for treatment..'s in the survey. Our teachers told us in the survey. It's almost about 75 percent. It might become 80 percent as well. That means it's now reached every house of this country. In every house.. ..the little kid we brought up ourselves,they also do drugs. In every house,there are two or more people doing it I have two brothers. Me and one of my brothers are doing this. I gave myself as an example. In this country,this can not be taken to an end. The border it comes from.. have to do something there. It's now been made in Bangladesh. Did you get it? <i>The thing he wants to say is</i> <i>How many people do drugs?</i> How many people take drugs everyday? Those who have money.. ..they might have 50 packets.. ..or 100 packets in the pocket. Suppose he sits here.. ..and he's taking drugs.. ..he's becoming addicted.. ..he's taking it frequently.. ..watching tv.. ..he's doing it sitting in an air conditioned room. And those who have no money.. ..are doing robbery.. ..or doing pickpockets.. ..again the middle class people.. ..I for an example, have made my mother cry.. mother can die anytime soon. I gave up this habit somedays ago.. ..but started it again 3 days ago I called my brother.. ..I told him that it's being evicted everywhere,then why not Aminbazar? It's been taken down in many places. The people got frightened.. ..they got caught. It was smelly all over. It can not be found. I will show you brown sugar after sometime. This is available everywhere now. SEB:Brown sugar? Yes. I will show you brown sugar. This brown sugar,the amount before.. ..Just think,this one.. ..What was i saying? This is going on even now.. ..and.. ..I gave up.. ..I have been doing idiotic things from last 3 or 4 days.. ..My mom is sick. I'm feeling shy in front of my brother. The thing I am saying that.. ..Aminbazar is not being evicted. Everywhere else it had been evicted. It's become silent everywhere. It can not be found. [Inaudible] In everywhere else.. .Either businessmen were killed.. ..or those who do drugs were being .. ..arrested by rab or DB police. But our Aminbazar never gets caught. SEB:Can I ask that last question? SEB:How much do sellers or.. ..How big a problem is that? <i>How big a problem is this?</i> SEB:How big a problem is this... ..In this country? How big a problem this is? There's only one problem. <i>Say that again</i> <i>How big of a problem is that?</i> <i>How dangerous is that problem?</i> <i>How big and dangerous is this?</i> [inaudible] SEB:SO is it just Yaba? SEB:Or are there other drugs people use? <i>Is it only yaba?or </i> No.I said brown sugar. SEB:So this is Yaba. Yes.This is Yaba. The amount? SEB:That's brown sugar. Double from this. It was 50 taka. Now it's 200 taka. It's increasing day by day. Yes.The price is increasing. There's a reason for this. It can not be found. SEB:This is how much? SEB:Ten dollar? <i>How much?</i> It was fifty before.. it's two hundred.

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