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indian head massage

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We're going to show you how to do an Indian head massage Demonstrating this techniques with James Orsee a national certified massage therapist from the United States STEP 1: What you'll need? A chair, a volunteer. STEP 2: Setting up Find a quiet place if possible, away from any distractions. You can even play some soft music or light some candles to help create an atmosphere of relaxation. It is also very important that you let your volunteer know that they should tell you immediately if anything is painful or the pressure is too strong. Have your volunteer take a seat and make themselves comfortable. Stand behind them and place your hands lightly on their shoulders as you both take several deep breaths. STEP 3: Shoulder massage Gently begin squeezing the trapezius muscle, starting close to the neck and working your way outward to the shoulder. Return to the neck and repeat 3 times, allowing the pressure to increase each pass. Bring the hands back up next to the neck with the thumbs extended, and begin making small circles with the thumbs on either side of the backbone just below the collar line. Continue with the circles up the back of the neck until you reach the hair line. Lower the hands back down and repeat 2 more times. Now place the forearms at the sides of the neck and roll them outwards toward the shoulder by rotating at the wrists. Lift the forearms and move them a couple of inches away from the neck and repeat. When you reach the shoulder, come back to centre and repeat 2 more times. STEP 4: Neck massage Step to one side of your volunteer and place your back hand at the base of their neck and your front hand on their forehead. This is done with very light pressure and is only used to keep the head from falling forward. With the back hand, spread the thumb from the fingers and begin to glide up the back of the neck, avoiding putting pressure directly on the vertebrae. Once your reach the hair line, remain there for a moment with light pressure on the back of the head. Lower the back hand and repeat this about five times. You can even add some circling to the upward stroke if there seems to be a lot of tension present. When the back hand reaches the hairline for the last time, let it remain there. Slowly allow the head to tilt forward without strain or effort. Then gently lift the head back to vertical and continue backwards, again without forcing, simply allowing the head to move within its own range of motion. Repeat this 3 times, front and back. STEP 5: Scalp Massage

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