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Luce Irigaray a Biennale Democrazia

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Today we need to build an European culture we need to build a world culture and you're mentioning national feelings. All this is therefore a bit contradictory. I understand your question because I relatively know the Italian situation, but how do we reinforce the unity of a nation without falling excessively into the trap of regionalism; how do we manage to build either Europe or a world culture? It's a difficult task. Perhaps France is less divided between the South and the North than your country, but there are parts of France asking for their autonomy - the Bretons, I don't remember the Italian name, the Basques - so there is therefore a similar situation. I also think that we create a risk when we excessively ignore the frontiers of a country of return to regionalism. And this is a problem. My suggestion today is to place an emphasis on civil law, while the state guarantees the citizens' identity through a positive civil law. By encouraging it to develop the relationships between them. By protecting the rights of all citizens, for instance, at the moment, the women, the young people. Certain foreigners still lack civil identity. It needs therefore to defend the identity of each of the above mentioned and afterwards to promote the rights - I would say the relationship, but there is actually a different level of right - to stimulate the relationship between its citizens. It is them who build the democracy, it's not the state. I apologise for laughing, but it seems to me that, regarding democracy, we need to start everything from the beginning. I salute - I have already done so during the round table discussions - the fact that you, the Democracy Biennial, have organised this meeting placing an emphasis on culture. Because it seems to me that the Left, in Italy as well as in France, totally lacks cultural dimensions. And perhaps thank to cultural encounters we will be able to formulate alternative Left wing politics. I think, as I already argued in my book "Democracy Begins with Two", that, as I did elsewhere, I use an existing word while believing that this word should be changed. Also because, as far as I'm concerned, democracy focusses excessively on the group and not enough on the individual. And I believe, a bit like Bobbio, if I understood correctly, that we need to restart, to bring democracy back to the rapport between the citizens, beginning every time with the two, with the relationship between the two, two - different. Thus, I think, we rebuild the society in a more democratic manner.

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Posted by: imwinkel on Nov 29, 2010

Torino, 25 aprile 2009 - Biennale Democrazia: Luce Irigaray

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