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20121128 YT - Dr Katsioulis' interview on NET TV (2012)

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IQ test at 198 points and we will discuss with him a subject of special sensitivity and attention as it deserves. Yes , it is about all the traps which are hidden in the web. The traps that are hidden in the internet for children and for adults and especially for teenagers who are the most important of all , we will talk with the head officer prosecutor of cyber-crime of the General Police Directorate of Athens Mr Sfakianakis. Unfortunately even drugs are sold from the internet and we will discuss all these here in details so that parents, children and teenagers of course because they should also know, how to protect themselves from such traps and how parents can deal with such situations when we all know very well that children with the computer at home , is like having a bomb in their hands related to these of course and certainly not to the information supplied which is generously and important. And lets go now straight to Thessaloniki to meet Mr Evangelos Katsioulis. To say Good morning to him and welcome him to see him in our direct connection. Good morning, how are you? Good morning! How are you? We are fine, and it is a great pleasure to have you here to discuss, You have a worlds record completely unique in the world, with an official 198 point IQ and because the numbers always tell the truth in this number there is one number exception. If 30,000,000,000 people would take the tests ,only one could solve the tests you solved. I find you very informed. Thank you. The truth is that this score does not mean something to the number. Beyond that the standard exclusion which is 15 shows the standard deviations above the average. So technically it is like you said, if the planet had 30,000,000,000 people and they all gave the same test only one would have this score. I would now like to ask you about these tests which record the IQ Most of us have in mind that they relate to a mathematical base, that they are numbers but the truth is that the system works more with geometric shapes in a search of logic. Practically someone goes and has the test to find out what IQ he has how it is to have such a test what do you come across? Let me tell you, intelligence as it is defined according to the most reputable tests, is not relevant nor to mathematics, nor to knowledge, nor to languages, nor to anything. It is the ability to analyze the amount of data that can be analyzed in the unit of time. Technically the best tests are the geometrical those which somebody can solve without having any connection with any educational system the man may not know how to read but he can analyze, interrogate, essentially has a high decode ability in some data and some sequences. This is best possible condition for someone to be tested to be judged for his analytical ability, intelligence. I read Mr Katsioulis recently that the tests which you participated and your situation, i mean your IQ in that specific time period was 100 times bigger compared to the former President of the United States , George Bush. Let me tell you, this is a technical mathematical error it is not 100 times or 2 times or twice as some say it is a statistical deviation from the average. There is a normal distribution of Gauss, according to which the IQ is defined 100 is the average Over there at a standard deviation one above or one below the average, is the 60% of the population and if excluding from the average, essentially states a rarity of a performance This is the definition of an adult IQ It is not a 100 times above which is double It is much more rare, this is the point. Now how can the smartest man in the world which we have the honor of being Greek to help the place from this crisis Do you have a specific proposal for me? No, I'm asking if you have Let me tell you, I'm trying to help a little alternative, in the improvement of the conditions here in our country I have organized a group here in Thessaloniki. We start here in Thessaloniki and soon we will be going to Athens. We try to deal with children who have special skills and high intelligence. Essentially we define Charisma in a Greek way different from the international literature. This group is called "Anadeixi", we try to locate these children To detect in other words, i don't know if you hear me because it's noisy we are trying to detect these children to offer educational opportunities To make their skills and their supplies a future vocational choice, And technically give the capable a position, in which the society which i think that now he doesn't have, and very capable Greeks go abroad. We would like to reintroduce a meritocracy essentially we call our group Academy, on the basis of some Platonic ideals without being so abstract. We try to actually do some things. As a child were you from the children that their parents told them not to read so much? did you have a flair in maths, did you like to read a lot of books? I had a special passion for reading That was up to me, my parents did not discouraged or encouraged me in school i had a very good performance but I didn't worship it, This is another issue, the educational system today is not particularly interesting for a child either he is with special skills or he is an average child it is a standard procedure that somebody passes , because he has to pass it Beyond that, it doesn't motivate the child to mobilize and use his mind nor supplies for his life in the future. This is my humble opinion. Forgive me now for asking you in such a simple way, but i cant really find another way I would just like to ask you, How is life being so smart? How is your life like? As it is to be as beautiful as you. But before we close and i thank you, can you tell us how they can contact with this peculiar Academy you have or the initiative you have taken how can they contact you so you can use any abilities they have and they can achieve their potentials. Thank you for giving me the opportunity, The group has a website and some offices in Thessaloniki, on Kalapothaki str, 20 Our website We made it very easy in order to memorize it easily However, the country does not have this valuation at the moment we do not have 3 A's as a country Let me tell you, this country doesn't have a lot of things at the moment and we are trying to create some better conditions some conditions soon Perhaps the next generation will be a bit better The particular one with the frozen and entrenched positions it has I do not think it will change anything. Children are our future. One last question Your friends, or the people that have been very close to you for many years do they ask for your opinion? what i am trying to say is , when somebody is thinking about his issues he can see a visual angle, or ten visual angles you will probably see from many different angles do they ask your opinion on issues that concern them? They ask for my opinion and I like asking their opinion on many things nobody can see all sides ,as many sides as he can see, thereafter to analyze a lot and to put many parameters sometimes creates some complications. I try to be as simple as i can regardless of what perception I may have The interpersonal relationships however are not favored with a particular depth analysis you must often be compliant, adaptive and often pretend not to see things because nothing is perfect. Thank you very much for joining us It was a pleasure and an honor for us and we really hope someday when you come to Athens to meet again here in the studio and to discuss even more about gifted children which you have undertaken. Thank you very much. The pleasure is mutual. Be well.

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Dr Katsioulis' interview on NET TV (2012)
[Highest adult IQ, 258 sd 24] Evangelos Katsioulis on NET Savvatokyriako, 2012

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