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Alternative I-grow

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60 million years ago an asteroid hit planet earth. That asteroid caused such a dramatic change that the then predominant species, the dinosaurs were unable to keep up and they eventually became extinct. On the contrary, mammals were agile, able to adjust with change and we are now the predominant species. Today's equivalent of the asteroid hitting earth is the accelerating rate of technological advancement, at a rate that is unheard of. Organizations that are slow will fail to adjust. In order to understand the accelerating change in society and business, we need to immerse into exponential thinking. The world around us so far was local and linear and is now rapidly becoming global and exponential, due to technologies and social networks: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Sensors and Drones, Digital Medicine, Synthetic Biology, 3D Printing, Big Data, Crowd Sourcing. If we do not understand and follow the rate and the direction of change, we run the risk of becoming obsolete by not understanding the social changes brought by technological shift in network society. Take Kodak for example, In 1996 was a World Wide brand with 140K employees and $28Bn Capitalization. 20 Years ago one of Kodak's employees invented digital photography at Kodak’s lab. However Kodak failed to understand the power of technology and its social implications. A few years later, in 2012, it filed for bankruptcy. What is more interesting is that the same year Kodak stopped its operations, another company in the imagery industry, Instagram gets acquired for $1Billion with only 13 employees. “The Kodak Moment” is the failure to understand the current environment, what is coming, and adopt change. The result for organizations and brand may be loss of market, market shares, and profits. In today's competitive environment, we are all heads down at our field of work and we lose track of technology and societal change and how they are shifting the business co-ordinates. We need continually to update our brands, our value offer to shifting consumer needs and understand the opportunities and challenges of accelerating change in our networked society era. At Alternative i-grow we offer unique tools to prepare, develop and re-invent your brand to compete in the present and future. With sophisticated tools such as Future Lab, Brand Tuning, and Product maker, combined with our marketing, communication, and consumer insight experience, we work with you to bring your brands and organization on the forefront and forward.

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Alternative I-grow

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