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LIFT Crisis - Rich Dillon ft. ZAY

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Posted by: lukeshlon on Apr 13, 2018

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Original track : Crisis - Rich Brian ft. 21 Savage
Subject : Aerodynamics DWM 2082
Topic : LIFT
Assignment : Switch lyrics of any song and relate to LIFT.

(Chorus 1)
Yeah, wake up about uh 6,
Think 'bout money then 'bout this,
I got nothin' on my wrist but I'll still gladly take a lift (ayy, ayy)
Who produce that lift?
Yes the wings it did, ayy.

(Chorus 2)
Got that thrust on me,
Sound like I'm G.E. City,
Airfoil, airfoil, gon' up on it,
Know that i pull the control stick,
Always cook at home I'm tryna save up,
Tryna do my friends some favors
Gave it thrust we leaning backwards (backwards, ayy)

Angle of attack increases, causes pressure differences,
On the upper and the lower wing, (lower wing)
Cut, cut to years ago,
They do some wing experiments in wind tunnel,
They wonder, what's the recipe? (recipe)
They want me to lift oh, I can hear the spool oh,
But understand principle of Bernoulli,
Li-livin in the kamsis, Nestle' miss me I know,
But also he know that I'm on a mission.

I got upwash for the lift and this,
Downwash for the lift and this,
So letter L is symbol for Lift, (bling blaow)
My main is lifting, (downwash)
Stall is sinking,
Man I love y'all but one of y'all ain't no keepers.

I'll lift ya Rolls Royce Trent Xtra Wide Body,
Made a million dollars with an Airbus,
Can't get a ticket for the A350,
Take this thing to trial, brother I'm gon beat it,
Split the wind, it got me lifted,
Bigger area, bigger lifting,
F.O. pull up the main stick and flare it, (wow) flare it,
Walking outta tool crib, with a tool box,
Yeah I pulled at MAS Cafe, I made a pit stop,

Young Dillon, walk around with a black box,
With that record hanging out, madam, that's hip hop,
Plane too fast spoilers can't stop me, (skrrt)
You was flying from the fog, captain not me ., (oh knots)
Sir Sahrul, Aerodynamics, now it's O.D.

(Chorus 1)

She act like bird,
Air is viscous like a fur,
Your friend say the air is thinner,
Claim that it's the troposphere,
Cruising speed like Fast & Furious,
We throw it back, DeHavilland,
I'm sitting in somebody's red Axia G, recording this.

Not the wind, on my wing,
Rather walk or take a lift,
On the thought to hit the strip,
Turbulent flow and then I dip,
Ayy, airflow learning how to lift it, (drag)
Vortex 'round it go in circles,
Air is spinnin' with no winglet. (recipe)

Used to play with drag though,
Never liked it no, no,
But Boeing didn't see the bigger picture,
Rap-rap on someone's beats so,
Point zero percent goes,
Straight to my lil' pockets and I keep it.

(Chorus 1 & 2)


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