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2859 Having an 18 to 21 week Anomaly Ultrasound Scan

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When you are pregnant you will be invited to have a scan at around 20 weeks. This is called a Fetal anomaly scan and is checking to see if your baby is developing normally. It looks for any abnormalities which can suggest a problem with your baby or its growth. You will receive a letter with the details of your appointment. Please arrive at the hospital in plenty of time as parking can sometimes be difficult. Many women like to bring their partner, a relative or friend with them. We are happy for you to do this, but there is only enough space in the examination room for one companion. We suggest that you do not bring children with you, but if you need to, they will have to remain outside, so please bring someone to look after them. Small children can cause disturbances and we want this to be a good experience for you. 
 When you are called into the examination room, you will be met by our sonographer. Please ask the sonographer if you have any questions or concerns about the examination. The scan will be explained as they go along and you can watch your baby on the screen. You will be asked to lie flat on a couch and to remove any belly button studs. The sonographer will put a small amount of clear gel on your lower abdomen. They will then use a probe to obtain some images which are used to measure and assess your baby's anatomy. You may experience some pushing as the probe is positioned so that your baby can be seen more clearly. This should not be painful, but may be a little uncomfortable. The scan usually takes about 15 to 25 minutes. If the sonographer has any concerns about your scan, they may ask for a second opinion. The exact nature of the problem may not be immediately clear, but there will be a doctor or midwife available to answer any of your questions. There is also a small chance that your baby may have an abnormality that is hard, or impossible, to see on the scan. Occasionally the scan does not give us much information. This can either be because you are above-average weight, or the baby is lying in a position which makes scanning difficult. If this is the case, you will be invited for a repeat scan. We hope you enjoy this experience.

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2859 Having an 18 to 21 week Anomaly Ultrasound Scan

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