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Wale Wale Reproductive Health Programme

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I am Edward Samari I am Beatrice Bewe We both work for The Catholic Family Reproductive Health Project in WaleWale This organisation is a small organisation which is focussing very serieusly on reproductive issues in deprived communities So far we work in 13 communities and 10 schools We are able to mobilise schoolchildren especially adolescents Some of them are peer educators who are able to support and disseminating reproductive health messages to their peers we call them periodically for review meetings to be able to know how they are interacting at their schools We also have peer educators in the 13 communities These peer educators also work with opinion leaders In the community and than people, women in the reproductive age In fact in future we want our beneficiaries in the communities and schools to be able to use ict to be able to access better information from the internet to have quality reproductive health But our problem is connectivity ICT equipment like computers, we have a printer and we have a projector we have loudspeakers and a laptop, so we can always O and one digital camera so that we are able to take very serieus information from the field and include in our report with the LCD projector we are able to screen pictures of STI's the are not confortable in seeing them we abound to show it to them because we want them to live a responsible sexual life if we are able to get connected to the internet we are able to impact our beneficiaries for their own benefit To screen a videoshow we stand with around with a projector a laptop and than a loudspeaker we have designed a screen for the community so that when we get to the community we include a generator for power so when we get to the community we build this equipment and than we screen the video show we are doing in the community and schools

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The Catholic Family Reproductive Health Project in WaleWale uses ICT to improve their Community Health programme

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